Canada’s Real Estate Sales Plunge! BIGGEST DROP SINCE 1989! Toronto and Vancouver Meltdown!

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The market is getting very soft. Fewer and fewer pockets are continuing to outperform. And interest rates have barely risen. Just wait!
Do you think it’s a good thing if your primary residence continues to rise in price decade after decade?

Canada’s real estate market is cooling off, BIG TIME. What was once a hot and heavy housing bubble has now been focused to just a few locations. Overall sales are down significantly from their peak and the government is still promising to make more of an impact to continue to cool this madness down. Will they accomplish their stated goal?
Vancouver’s Hot Housing Market Gets Tougher for Wealthy Chinese – Bloomberg
Toronto Strain Drives 14.5% Plunge in Canadian Home Sales – Bloomberg
Toronto’s Housing Recovery May Trail Vancouver’s – Bloomberg
Mortgage Rates | TD Canada Trust
Don’t know if Canadian interest rates will rise again this year: Poloz – Business – CBC News

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