Canadian Banks are responsible for customer data breaches and leaked customer data, because of a loophole.

by clearsmoke

This is just my observation over the past 10+ years as an IT person.

The Canadian banks use a loophole to have remote workers sit at empty workstations in their brick and mortar buildings. This allows them to move Canadian labour outside of Canada’s legal jurisdiction, while that foreign worker is represented by an employee number, which shows the job seat as being filled “in Canada”. RBC has been practicing this for more than ten years, and someone even came forward about RBC quietly replacing it’s Canadian work force with foreign entities.

Additionally, since the banks have moved their customer help desk to India, coincidentally , the number of seniors being targeted by fraudulent calls originating from India. has gone way up.

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My point is this: What’s preventing these workers in India, who are outside of Canada’s Jurisdiction, from taking a picture of the screen, which could have very sensitive customer data? What checks are in place to prevent sensitive bank data from leaking? The answer is zero to none.


Since Canadian Banks moved their customer support overseas (more than 10 years ago) there has been a dramatic increase of seniors being targeted by hackers and social engineers, originating from mainly India. The banks use a loophole that moves sensitive financial information overseas, outside of Canada’s jurisdiction. They use the same loophole to fill a Canadian Job seat with foreign labor. This is becoming an increased security risk for Canadians, especially our seniors. The banks of Canada should be investigated by CSIS as this practice is hurting this Country and this great people, as the shareholders of the banks don’t care, and only care about increasing their profits.


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