Canadian Government Tells Employees To Stop Saying Mother & Father!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the absurdity of a recent announcement by the Canadian government that Service Canada employees should no longer assume their customers are a “he” or a “she”, to not call them “Mr” or “Mrs” and instead of calling them “mother” or “father”, call them “parent 1” or “parent 2” in order to not offend them.

This is just the latest twisted push by the Canadian government in order to weaken and confuse the populace. These are their priorities? Instead of facing the crippling debt Canadians face, or the constant threats the populace faces, the privileged and easily offended want to stop assuming genders?

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It comes from the same backwards belief as thinking “Service Canada” is a service when it enforces its will on people and extorts them. Or that taxation is fair because the government says so, but it’s not fair to work hard to earn money and not have it stolen.
This is all psychological manipulation as well as a massive distraction mechanism.

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A weak populace is a subservient populace and this is why this should be heavily questioned. Of course we should respect others. If they want to be called a man or a woman when they are not scientifically, sure. Not my life, I’ll respect that. But when this comes with the stigma of criminalization, then we live in a tyrannical society. Who then is truly privileged?

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