Canadian Man Takes Gun from Home Invaders – Charged with Attempted Murder and Nine Other Crimes

by Mark Angelides

In what is surely an attempt by the Canadian state to make people fear the very idea of defending themselves and their families, a man has been charged with attempted murder after wrestling a gun from one of three armed home invaders and shooting one of them (non-life threatening injury).
Why is it that Canada (and other nations) are so determined to ensure that the population is unable to adequately protect themselves? Kyle Earl Munroe was at home with a friend when three armed intruders entered his home, he and the other man struggled with the intruders, Munroe managed to get a gun from one of the intruders, shots were fired and one of the intruders was hit. Munroe has now been charged with:
Attempted murder, intent to discharge a firearm, intent to discharge a firearm when being reckless, careless use of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing that possession is unauthorized, and possession for the purpose of trafficking.
If this isn’t persecution, who knows what is? The idea that the gun he grabbed of a home invader was his intent to traffic firearms is ludicrous (as are most of the other charges); and whilst the prosecutor’s office is quick to point out that these are “just pending charges”, it’s worth looking at what “pending charges” actually means.
A prosecutor can choose to prosecute for a variety of crimes; their intention is to put the person in court away for as long as possible. They add as many charges as they like, and then investigate the possibility of how many they can make stick. If they think they have a reasonable chance of getting a prosecution on all of them, then these will go ahead as formal charges; the one’s they think will be rejected, they will either drop entirely or try to use as bargaining chips.
Munroe is being held under house arrest. As such he is “is banned from any contact with two named individuals, must attend court as ordered, keep the peace and be of good behaviour, not leave his residence except for essential activities such as work or medical appointments, remain in Nova Scotia, not consume drugs or alcohol, not possess a cell phone or pager, have no weapons, and answer the door to police when they check at his home.” And this will last until he turns up for his plea on August 22nd.
These Draconian restrictions on his life are part of “project fear”. In reality, he will likely not end up being found guilty of any crime…but the prosecutors already know this. So they are following an agenda of “punishment” against Munroe for daring to defend himself and as a warning to anyone else who thinks they have a right to defend their families…”It’s the STATE’S job!”
*An alternative explanation (not one I personally believe), is that the home invaders were of a minority group; and that the state is trying to “calm tensions” with community organizers.*
Only when we weakly submit to the state being responsible for every aspect of our lives will they be satisfied. To them, Individualism and Personal Responsibility are the enemies.

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40 thoughts on “Canadian Man Takes Gun from Home Invaders – Charged with Attempted Murder and Nine Other Crimes

  1. More of the socialist utopia insanity. What’s more unnerving is a good number of stupid/bad people want to bring this here.

  2. I guess we can understand from this is that common sense is illegal in Canada. It’s to be replaced with …. actually, nobody knows. Maybe Canada has a special phone number where the government can tell us what to do when we’re being attacked. I think it’s 1- 800 – dead – duck.

  3. Well I guess if you defend your family from home invasion in Canada, you don’t call the Mounties or what ever the hell they call themselves there. You load the bodies in your truck and have a bon fire in the woods. Done and done.

    • Don’t forget the metal mesh screen placed on the ground first to collect any small identifying metallic objects that may remain after combustion for disposal in the local reservoir.

    • You have to do that very discretely or you’ll be charged with lighting a fire without a permit. Canada has a regulation for everything,sometimes many regs for the same situation.

  4. If the state is making it clear that you cannot do anything without them, and they are the be all and end all of your safety, can they be sued for failing in their duties, and neglect? They can’t have it both ways. I see a time in the future when all these fucking idiot paper shufflers and bureaucrats have scores settled against them for the amount of shit they do to good people.

    • Freedom of speech is now being threatened because western nations are getting weaker. A weak nation usually has less of a tolerance towards free speech. Very simple formula.
      The weaker the person is in western society, the more freedom of speech he/she has. The stronger the view point of a citizens, the more dangerous freedom of speech can become..
      People with extraordinary view point and charisma can easily go in trouble and get killed. a good example would be Dr. King and Malcolm-X, John Linen and the Kennedy’s

  5. Make sense – You should not defend yourself cause you will put cops out of their jobs.
    and yes punish the home owner so public defender, attorneys and lawyers and the judges to have a job in a court room.
    Isn’t that the reason we all pay for it to begin with?
    The same people that doesn’t like the home owner punishment will tell tell you how much he paid as tax for years and what a great citizens they are.
    Excuse my sarcasm but when you pay and sign for services and you take a different rout, you should be punished.
    1st you created monster, lazy and incompetent government and than BH about it. make no sense.

    • …and using him as an example of what you might be able to do in such a situation. What Canada is doing to this poor guy is DISGUSTING.

  6. The Canadian MP’s will now have to vote in an Emergency Session of Parliament to overturn these draconian firearms laws, and enter a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in the Canadian Prime Minister!
    Canadians also need to start a petition, AND a funding page for Mr. Munroe so that he can meet both legal and living expenses during this time.
    Mr. Munroe has the full support of the NRA and American Patriots who also know that you have the Human and Civil Right to defend yourself from the fear of losing life, limb and property, which is also outlined in the UN Doctrine!
    Canadians need to wake the f#@k up to the Illuminati Globalist take -over of their nation before it’s too late! They need a Donald Trump as a Prime Minister!

    • But alas we have a rainbow loving leader. Oh I love my Somalis I love my Muslims oh aren’t they so peaceful aren’t they so loving … (end sarcasm here) You have to be careful in a nation where it’s considered a hate crime for speaking out. All that Canada needs is a castle law, where your home is your castle and may be protected with what ever means is available.

  7. Nowhere in this article does it say Munroe used the weapon that was taken from the intruders against the intruders. He likely used his own firearm to defend his alleged drug trafficking stash.

      • It says: ” Munroe managed to get a gun from one of the intruders, shots were fired and one of the intruders was hit.”
        It does not say that Munroe used the intruder’s weapon against him, it just says shots were fired. It does not specify from what gun those shots emanated. The firearms charges pending against him are likely in respect of a firearm already in his home.

          • If it was the intruder’s gun that he used, he wouldn’t be charged with firearms offences that make no sense.

          • The article does not say that Monroe fought anyone. It says he “struggled with” the intruders. He could have threatened to kill the intruder if he didn’t give up his gun.

          • You need to stick your face under a “fawcett” and inhale deeply. Repeat until no longer necessary.

        • You are assuming that reporters are not morons and can write a sentence that logically and realistically translates the facts as they are known at this point in time! I would never make that assumption….

  8. hmm if you look at canadian court findings, you will find that the canadian government/police have NO DUTY TO PROTECT YOU “canadians” THIS IS FRAUD! They can’t deny you the ability to protect yourself on one hand AND then afford you no protection on the other hand,. THEN have the audacity to prosecute you for defending yourself from armed intruders. WTF IS WONG WITH CANADIANS??

  9. English Law. The English do not want their subjects armed. Google ‘England knives’ and you will find the distance England will go to ban their citizens being abe to protect themselves, their families, their property.

  10. Socialist mockery of the justice system, courtesy to idiot Trudeau who needs to be thrown in jail for what he did to beautiful Canada.

  11. I am a retired Canadian police officer. “Self-Defense” and “Defense of Property” are sections in the Criminal Code, accessible on the Government of Canada website (look up S.C. 2012, c. 9).
    The charges reportedly brought forward are ridiculous and would never be approved by any competent Crown prosecutor. As an investigator, I sense that there is more to this incident than we can find in this brief narrative. I would want to review the case file.

  12. SLAVES have no “right” to determine with whom they will associate.
    SLAVES have no “right” to hold opinions.
    SLAVES have no “right” to property.
    SLAVES have no “right” to defend themselves.

  13. You can dam sure that should I or my family be threatened by intruders bent on harm whether they be armed thugs or those armed in uniform will suffer the same fate and I am a Canadian and the hell with liberals created laws. A by the way keep my firearms handy.

  14. I have no doubt that the intruders were illegal immigrants or maybe legal ones. That’s why Monroe is being charged, the “new” Canadians are untouchable.
    I’m retiring in 3 years and then I’m the hell out of Canada, I was born and raised here but it has gone to hell in a handbasket. I hope Trump is still president in 3 years and for another term, I will move to the USA then.

  15. I hate to ask, BUT who were the home invaders? Are there no photos of them, no names,no arrests? In what community did this occur? This story is so vague. The Crown,as anyone knows who ever deals with them, always always piles on as many charges as possible to see if they have a case to make ANY of them stick,and also to plea bargain them away. It’s also intimidating to an ordinary person,to the pro gangbanger it’s just a big laugh.
    The guy should find an activist lawyer who can probably make ALL the charges disappear,the process will have been the punishment. Maybe the NFA can help.
    But I’d still like to know who those invaders were.

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