The Difference Between Wikileaks and Media

Yesterday wikileaks released an audio recording from Seymour Hersch where he confirmed that Seth Rich gave some confidential files from the DNC to Wikileaks. The left would like you to focus on the murder of Seth but that is not the main reason why this is relevant. The most important thing is that this is evidence that it was actually a leak not a hack. It is very important to remember that the intelligence agencies have a vested interest in destroying the reputation of Wikileaks and presenting them as a Russian front as they are the only organization that has held them even remotely accountable for their actions.
The main reason for this article today is to address one issue the left brings up. Why do nationalists and conservatives believe the leaks presented by Wikileaks but do not believe the anonymous information presented by the press?
It is not hypocritical or partisan to believe one and not the other. There is a distinction between them. Wikileaks does not make claims nor does it process the data. It presents the data leaked to them to the public and allows us to arrive at our own conclusions. The people involved are clearly named and, since they are usually public figures, have every opportunity to respond.
Reporters on the other hand give us information that anonymous sources have told them or from documents that they alone have seen. They ask us to give them 100% of our trust sight unseen. To justify this trust they cite the reputations of their respective institutions. The irony of this is all of these organizations have had to retract stories just this year while Wikileaks maintains its perfect record of never having to retract a single story since it was founded. Even on the standards that the media want us to use their credibility pales in comparison to Wikileaks.
When presented with an organization that presents the data to us and allows us to reach our own conclusions as opposed to one that insists on doing our thinking for us it is not strange for there to be higher trust placed in Wikileaks.
It is not a conspiracy, people being uneducated, or any other reason the left gives to explain away unwanted truths.
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  1. So far Wikileaks is supposedly battin 100% authentic over 11 years and thousands of documents. When will someone push Podesta about his Spirit Cookin, Pasta, Hot Dogs, Cheese, Walnuts and Pasta?

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