Canadian MP Pierre Poilievre calls out media for trying to label and dismiss Freedom Convoy protesters as extremists

CTV and CBC overwhelmingly act as an extension of the Trudeau government.

Recent attempts have been made by news organizations loyal to Trudeau to broadly paint all protestors as extremists due to actions by a few individuals who may or may not be agent provocateurs.

MP Poilievre is one of the few honest and intelligent politicians holding Trudeau accountable

He’s one of the few that holds Trudeau accountable, stands up for regular Canadians, and accurately predicted the inflation crisis.

Some vids:

Last one is pure poilievre deadpan comedy

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Lying or Just Incompetent?

Trust Fund Trudeau says it’s #JustinFlation.

BREAKING: Finance Committee to investigate housing bubble and other inflation.

Why did home prices inflate 20% in one year?

Many young renters have calculated that not only can not they not afford a home now, but that even at their current trajectory they will never be able to afford a home. And we are creating a permanent division in our society between the aristocracy who owns and everyone else who must rent forever.

‘Nobody believes you’: Poilievre grills Trudeau as he testifies over WE Charity controversy. Trudeau’s cabinet selected WE to administer a $912 million Canada Student Summer Grant program, for a contract worth $43.53 million. WE charity previously paid Trudeau’s mother $250,000 and brother $32,000.


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