Canadian RECESSION Coming SOON! – The TRUTH About The Coming CRASH

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the coming crash of the Canadian economy and mainly the incredibly obvious indicator of a recession to come, the bond market!
The yield curve inversion in Canada makes the United States look GOOD! The Canadian 10 year and the 1 month have inverted! This has essentially always ended in recession. Bill Morneau the Finance Minister insists we aren’t heading towards recession, but funny enough, so did Krugman and Bernanke in the US leading right into the last recession.
The main issue this time is that there is a lot of built of tension in the markets and the monetary system. It has been so manipulated and propped up for so long, constantly pushing off the inevitable and it has to give way eventually. Once it does, worldwide, it will be the biggest crash in history without a doubt.
It’s what we do now that matters. In the US, it’s usually around an 18 month period following the yield curve inversion that we see the recession take hold. We need to prepare ourselves regardless. Even if it’s 5 years off which is probably seriously wishful thinking, we need to protect our purchasing power.
The banks are bankrupt, the everything bubble worldwide is massive. The pension shortfall is coming to its peak as the derivatives bubble world wide is at mult-quadrillion dollar levels!
Housing bubbles are all coming to their inevitable end as is the dollar as it’s printed into oblivion.
Individuals need to be responsible and financially sustainable. They need to be independent and look in our opinion to things like gold, silver and of course properly fundamentally useful decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure technology.

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