Canadian Woman Arrested in Germany for Questioning Holocaust in Viral Video

by Chris Black

Speaking of freedom of speech (or the lack thereof) and communism disguised as “liberalism” or “progressiveness” making a big-comeback in Western Europe, we just got word from B’nai Brith  that a Canadian woman from Alberta was arrested in Germany. Her crime? Well, her crime is historic revisionism, i.e. a thought-crime. The thing is, in modern Germany (and other “democratic” EU countries, France comes to mind), it is forbidden by law to question the holocaust. The punishment for holocaust heresy can land the sinner for up to five years in prison. Speaking of the non aggression principle, in 2018 in Germany you can go to jail for a significant amount of time just for expressing a view on a historic event that took place almost 80 years ago. The latest victim of Germany’s pathological historic-guilt with regard to War World 2 is Monika Schaefer, who got reported (as in they rat her out) by B’nai Brith, a Jewish group, who filed a complaint with German authorities against the Canadian woman for what they described as anti-semitic incitement.
The anti-semitic incitement accusation is due to a video made by  Monika Schaefer back in 2016. The video was titled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” and incidentally, it became viral, boasting more than 160,000 views. The respective video (see below) depicts  Monika Schaefer telling her (German) mom that she regrets blaming her for not taking action to stop the holocaust, referring to the death camps, arbeit macht frei and the whole nine yards. And that’s because later in her life, Monika Schaefer learned through research that the holocaust as presented by mainstream-historians was, let me quote,  the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.” According to Monika Schaefer, detention camps (forced labor camps) clearly existed, but they were used by Nazi Germany to help with the war effort, i.e. the Germans had no interested in killing their free labor-force, as they were vital to work in factories. She also said that the famous gas chambers were actually used to kill the disease-carrying lice (typhus was big then, and a lot of the prisoners in concentration camps died from typhus, a lice-carried disease) on prisoners’ clothing. For these assertions, she was arrested in Germany and imprisoned, facing 5 years of jail time.
Now, it’s a well known fact that winners write history; it happened with the American Revolution, i.e.  if you read the British and the American history books, you’ll see very different accounts on what it took place in 1776. The same goes for the War Between the States, as Southern historians describe it as an assault against state sovereignty and an aggression by the industrial North, economic plunder etc., while Northern historians say it was a struggle to preserve the Union and against slavery. However, until recently, the winners never gone so far as to imprison people for questioning the official narrative. Moreover, Monika expressed her opinion while in Canada, yet she was thrown in a German prison just because her views on history are different from the official dogma in Germany.
Here’s the heretic video which landed Monika in a German jail:

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