Canadians pulled something off that no other nation could do.

by Arctic_Sea_Kayaker

Canada is huge. Canada is the size of Russia. Between Halifax and Vancouver, there are 7000 kms.

Then you got the great north. Vancouver to Tuktoyaktuk is longer GOING NORTH than New York to Mexico City.

Yet, Canadians – A mari usque ad mare (from sea to sea, our Canadian motto) – gathered together.

First Nation, migrants, asian, white and black, jewish, christians, sikh, gays, straights, educated, uneducated, white collar and blue collars, we all gathered in the straights in every provinces. Every territory.

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From Whitehorse to Yellowknife to Halifax to Regina, all converging our energy to Ottawa, where the big party is.

Canada is the middle of a revolution.

It’s a glorious day. See what’s happening now at the border (Montana/Alberta.)

Trudeau is done. Canadians are overthrowing the regime. And the rest of the world will follow.

Canada cannot impeach a Premier. Instead, the members of parliament in the opposition parties need to pass a motion of non-confidence. This is how it works. Email list of the MPs are in it, so feel free to BCC them all and start putting pressure.. These emails are from the public domain, available freely and easily on 🙂


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