Candace Owens: I don’t know who needs to hear this but… if you find yourself agreeing with the mainstream media, the millionaire celebrities, and the billionaire tech owners— you are not a part of the “resistance”. You’re a programmed sheep.

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Resistance journalism is not helping the cause of criminal justice reform

Soros-Funded Prosecutors Put ‘Social Justice’ Above Law and Order, Analysts Say. “George Soros, the Hungarian American billionaire investor, stands out as the big donor behind a super PAC that helped elect district attorneys who have overseen a dramatic increase in crime.”

SHUT UP OR ELSE, THEY EXPLAINED: Free speech rally marred by violence as counterprotesters storm event, beat pro-Trump demonstrators. “The conservative group Team Save America organized the event to protest Twitter, which it argues censors free speech. They planned to rally at United Nations Plaza before moving the protest to Twitter’s headquarters a few blocks away. But the event quickly devolved into a shouting match and violence as hundreds of counterprotesters stormed the scene.”


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