Pelosi gives White House 48-hour deadline to agree on Covid-19 stimulus, or postpone it until after election

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Who in the heck does this woman think she is…

You’d think the Demonrats would want to give the American public something good before their asses get booted down the street…

And maybe some of them into prison and or hung…

After giving a deadline to the Trump administration to reach an agreement for a Covid-19 stimulus plan, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-California) slammed officials for wording changes she says are “unacceptable.”
In a letter sent out to House Democrats on Sunday, the House Speaker did not sound optimistic on a stimulus deal being reached anytime soon. The specific disagreement at the moment appears to come down to funding for coronavirus testing and contact tracing.

“The White House had assured Democrats that they would accept our language on testing with a ‘light touch,’” Pelosi wrote, presumably referring to a Saturday talk with Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin. Though that meeting had some hoping an agreement could finally be reached, the House Speaker says language changes from the White House are not the promised “light touch,” but rather a “deep dive.”


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