Candace Owens vs Jessica Tarlov Who Stood Up for Women Working for Trump/USA?

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by Thinker

It’s time for Americans to take note of who is promoting unity and love and who is pushing hate and division. Never in the history of the United States has a president, his family and staff been spoken about with such hatred. When you examine the past/history of the individuals, the organizations they work for that are defaming the president of the United States, family, staff, and Americans you’ll find the corruption they don’t want investigated.

Candace Owens and Jessica Tarlov hit the media ring of the left and the right. Have to stand with a majority of Candace Owen said. For news media and celebrates that want to bash the Trump administration on immigrant children being separated from parents, should focus on Social Services. How many families in the United States have been separated by a flawed child services system. It’s all been broken long before the Trumps arrived, so it time to start focusing on the origin…Bush/Clinton/Obama. Jessica Tarlov and other journalists should lay low on this one if they don’t know about the families in their own country who face what the immigrants on the border do.

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Flashback 2015 – Donald Trump: ‘I cherish women’ (CNN interview with Chris Cuomo)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to CNN’s Chris Cuomo about the military, women, Jeb Bush and more. Much of what the now president of the United States Donald Trump said three years ago are showing today. The women of the United States are growing in numbers for their same feeling back toward Trump, his family, and staff. One of the best interviews before he became president. Women protecting Women…Trump just said it all!

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Women of America turning into Trump lovers and he is becoming the ladies president. Many have said it can’t be real, but actions of the sitting president are speaking for themselves. In the past Americans were promised transparency, and they have never seen it, like under Trump. What did he say before he was president? How much has he already done in a short time? A president who is truly engaged in “ALL” aspects of media.


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