Capital Controls in Europe Have Arrived

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by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Dear Marty,

I was trying to wire money from my bank account in Italy to the one in the UK, just to realise that I can no longer transfer more than 6,000EUR per month.

The Soviet EUSSR is in full capital controls mode. I am missing the beauty of Italy every day, but I am so glad to live in Brexit UK.  Good luck to the old continent.


REPLY: I warned that all my sources were confirming, three very high up, that Europe would quietly impose capital controls on June 30, 2020. That has now taken shape. Europeans and not allowed to send more than 6,000 euros per month to another account outside the EU. Capital has been pouring out of Europe, and they beat not just the war drums but also the Green drums that forewarn of a severe economic decline for Europe.

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Even in the United States, we have capital controls in place for a different reason — taxation. You will find it limited to try to wire more than $3,000 to an individual outside the United States. As I reported before, a friend in Singapore found me a service apartment and put down the first month’s rent for me. I sent him a wire, but when I got there, he said he never got it. I called my bank to put a trace on it, and HSBC returned it, saying they would not credit it to that account because they could not verify it was not secretly for me. I had to write him a check. You can wire to a business without a problem, but not to an individual. The hunt for taxes lives.

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