Capital Hills “Republican Democratic party” define corruption. They stole our money and gave it back to us.

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by Deplorable Patriot

The latest Republican democratic party garbage bill is just that, GARBAGE.  I started reading it yesterday, and by 7 am this morning I had a strange urge to pick up a pitchfork and drive to DC.  I expected it to be bad, but not this bad.   

The first question I have for grifters on Capital Hill is “How can you give us money that’s already ours? Sure, it’s our tax money so you can say it’s already ours, but that’s not what I mean.  What I’m saying is that they stole our money and gave it back to us.  How?

If you have paying close attention you would know that we have $450 billion left over from the first round of stimulus checks and the CARES ACT.  The money had already been approved and is already ours.  We didn’t have to wait for a new round of funding to be approved.  It was just a simple matter of distribution.

What they did was steal our money, our 450 billion,  called it “repurpose”,  and gave it back to us, as if it was theirs to give.  On top of that,  they are actually giving us less than the 450 billion of the money that was already ours.

The $600  check they plan on giving us totals to no more than $150 billion to  $200 billion dollars.  The remaining amount of the money they stole from us is going foreign aid and additional garbage that’s in the bill.

This bill  is perfect evidence of a crime and should be enough make arrests. .  They cannot take money that is ours and give it to us again.  That’s like getting a bonus at work.  “Last year you got a bonus,  You spent some of it and have some left over.  A year later, this year,  they take your remaining money and give   you a small  amount of it as this years bonus and the larger amount to someone else”.  It doesn’t happen because this is obvious theft.  This shouldn’t be too hard to understand.  What they are doing is illegal and everyone that signed the bill needs to be arrested.

What you also are not being told is that they approved an additional $450 billion for 2023. At least that’s how I’m reading it.

Lets take a look at some of the details.  Here are some examples where it appeared that they are trying to “normalize” illegals that have entered our country.   These are subtle attempts to redefine what is considered to be a legal American citizen. Attempts to establish “precedent” to reference for  future cases.   They say things like “United States Person”  means….


How about what a Foreign person is?

Eligible  individual  means any individual other than any nonresident alien individual.  Basically saying a resident illegal alien is eligible.


Next we have  Health care and aid to Non citizens of the USA.  Training and grants for migrant workers(illegals)..  Additional money to care for illegals in Jail.  Money for ex cons and High school dropouts...

*Multiple examples from different parts of bill












How about $244,000,000 for the State Criminal Assistance Program.  That’s more than the $600  relief money total. 



Here is a example where they are giving the United Nations control over US policy. 



Here they are telling the Executive branch they need to get permission on what how they spend their money.



Here they are trying to manipulate Policy


Make it easier/legal to accept bribes.


This one is just weird.


I guess this next one does not apply to them.


And I’ll end with this last one.  They forgot to tell anyone about the additional  funds being giving to the states for administrative expenses.  It comes from the Employment Security Administration Account in the Unemployment Trust Fund.  This is what they say it costs to give us our $600 and crumbs.  Don’t worry, they can only spend up to $3,332,683,000.


Closing rant

Id President Trump’s advisors don’t  spot these problems and he signs, we could have some serious problems in the future.  This is just a small sample of a bill full of trash.  As you can see, the Republican Democrat Party are a bunch of corrupt traitors. They have been stealing money from  America and every single person  that lives in the USA.

If you’ve had any doubt in the past,  this Garbage bill should be an eye opener.  This is obvious theft.   They’re not even trying to hide it.  They run the country into the ground as they simultaneously  attempt to take away everything you have worked for.  They do it with a smile, with lies and broken promises spewing out of their mouths.  They get honest with you for a minute as they  punch you in the face and saying “Sit there and take it. You can’t do anything about it”.  Laughing, giving each other high fives, as they live off of your misfortune, your pain, struggles and suffering.

We put our trust into them and give them the authority to run our country. To enforce the rule of law. To be caretakers of the US Constitution.  To make sure our liberties and freedom are protected.   To be the voices and will of every American.  It’s not just a job that we elected them for, it’s a privilege.  They take this privilege, this trust and throw it out the window and give us a big “F you”.

A  undefinable number of people have died to protect the prosperity and ideals of our country.  This means zero to the Capital Hill crime gang.   Daily,  they take part of America and your spirit and give it away to anyone that is not American.  they quit working for the American citizen long ago.  They quit working for America long ago.  They don’t care about anyone but themselves. They should be considered compromised and be placed in leg irons……   There is more to say but I’ll end it right there.

I have two questions.  Do you own a pitchfork? Are you ready to commit %100 to take your country back?  There are 100 seats in the Senate.  435 in the House of Representatives for a total of 535.   There are 331 million people in the USA.   The solution is simple. Think about it.


Deplorable Patriot, MAGA

DC Jan 3-6 We shall Prevail

* The American dollar is the global currency.  These Capital Hill grifters are trying to destroy our economy. They are trying to devalue the American dollar so that China’s Renminbi or “Yaun” can replace it as the Global currency.  We must stop the grift.


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