Caring For Our Children – The Right To Bear Arms – Jeff Sessions Orders Review Of The FBI.

by Ruby Henley
Is the Left saying we do not care about the children if we choose to bear arms?  What about protecting our own sleeping children in the night against an intruder?  Yes, we can call our police officers, but by that time it could be too late.  
The Left believes it is a woman’s right to abort a fetus if and when she so chooses to do so.  In saying that, there are very different ways to care about the children.  
However, the Left is starting a new campaign “care about the children?”  Really?
Let’s remember the Left does not have a good record of caring about anyone but themselves.  I can guarantee you this, it is not about “the children,” as they will use the children to get what they want.
They will begin by saying if you choose to keep your guns, you do not care about the children.  Next they will use the school shootings to prove Americans do not have the right to bear arms.  “You must give up your arms to save the children” will become the new campaign slogan of the Left.
I do not put anything past the Left, but I honestly am surprised at their use of the high school students at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  The alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz did use a  AR-15 to allegedly kill 17 students.  Nikolas Cruz should never have had that gun.
The aspect which should be addressed here is how did Cruz, who had been reported to the FBI countless times, who had posted on social media he wanted to be a school shooter, ever make it into Douglas High School on that day?
That same day Douglas High School had a drill with trained agencies swarming the grounds! Yet, despite all of this, Nikolas Cruz allegedly killed 17 students.  What?  
The Left and their media are determined to peddle the myth that guns are to blame. There is a question which begs to be asked here.
Why before the 1990s were school shootings almost non-existent? Even then most Americans owned  guns.  I know we had the 1966 University of Texas massacre, but this was a rarity.  
So what has changed?  Of course, it is the sadly declining culture America finds herself in.  The Obama Administration led a rampage against this Country, and now we are seeing the results!  And we still cannot get away from them, even after a Republican has taken the White House.
For the Left has rejected law and order and defied the Judicial System.  Include in that the destruction is   the right to vote!  No longer does the RIGHT TO VOTE exist in this Country.  
As Hillary Clinton once said, “What difference does it make?”  It makes no difference to the Left one way or another, for they reside in their own lawless society.  You can bet they will have their guns, body guards, and fortresses on the hill!
The Left’s real goal is to repeal the Second Amendment and disarm all Americans in order for the ruling class to maintain its power over ordinary American citizens.  Make no mistake about that!  
The bottom line is a disarmed citizenry would be at the mercy of the ruling elite. That is exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted to prevent.
Now moving forward we are going to be asked, “but don’t you care about the children?”  They will ask this all the while they are using the children to bring more chaos to an already mad world.
They will ask this while they allow pedophiles, who do not use guns, to ruin the lives of innocent children while finding them not guilty.
They will ask this while allowing illegals to push their way into already too crowded school squeezing out American children.
The Left pushed for the de-institutionalization of the mentally ill.  In the mass shootings of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and now Parkland – severe mental illness has been an aspect.
Another aspect in some of the shootings has been drills.  Think about that.  Drills occurring on the same day as shootings?
The Left has tried to purge God from schools.  They have even gone so far as to tell children they do not have the right to pray in school!  
Schools no longer can teach about God, and the fact is morality is based upon a knowledge of knowing wrong from right.  This knowing stems from the spiritual knowing of God.      
We are paying a heavy price for the Left’s movement against God.  This price includes the sacrifice of our children to a lawless society in which the Left has ruled since Obama took office.  
Obama’s reign of darkness will never end, as the Left has sacrificed the United States of America to the New World Order.
It is the plan of the New World Order to disarm America through whatever means necessary – even in using the children.
I am thankful to say that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has launched an investigation into the FBI due to the fact they did not catch Nikolas Cruz before he allegedly shot 17 students.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered an immediate review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the wake of the Florida shooting after the agency failed to act on multiple tips.

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28 thoughts on “Caring For Our Children – The Right To Bear Arms – Jeff Sessions Orders Review Of The FBI.”

  1. You mean that bag of skin is actually alive? I just assumed he wasn’t with all of these criminals running around committing treason at will and getting away with it. Hey Jeff, since you are awake there is something you should probably know. Hillary sold our uranium to the Russians and pocketed the money for her and Bill’s pedo fund! A lot has happened since you fell asleep Rumpelstiltskin, you should spend some time trying to catch up! Can’t wait to see your FBI review.

  2. Ruby….the police are usually hamstrung when someone calls up with a “threat” and not an action. I once called about a neighbor of mine standing in the middle of the street screaming he was going to kill me, my husband and family and I called the cops. They came over and told me that UNTIL he does something….they CAN”T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I said to the cop…so what you’re telling me is that I should call you after he’s killed me? Essentially yes is what the cop said… great. This was the Broward Sheriff’s Office that came out and told me this as I lived in District One, Davie, Florida when it was in Unincorporated Broward County before Davie became incorporated and my area went under their jurisdiction (which ended up being WORSE rather than better). Cops don’t take threats seriously because legally they can’t do anything about a threat…but they CAN do something legally about an action…such as battery, assault, running you over with their car, shooting you, etc. Just so you know how citizens are treated….I didn’t know about this little hitch they have to obey until I WAS IN THAT POSITION….now I do know and treat threats as so much hot air….

      • I did not provoke him….he was a drug dealer and had chased off the folks who owned my home prior to me owning it…..he seemed to think it was a fun game to do this to his neighbors…..
        I had asked the prior owners about bad neighbors and they lied like hell. He threw dead animals under other neighbors homes and they were NICE folks whose kids played with his kids…. go figure……

        • What’s the matter, did the government not protect you from your lack of due diligence. They were VERY nice people to lie so well. But you have successfully associated him with the ‘group identity’, professional pharmacist. Have you tried to buy some ‘chill pills’, he might have a chemical solution to your situation.

          • I did not do drugs when I lived across the street from this monster. He and his wife would have a regular 7-11 going on at all hours of the day and night. The folks who I bought the home from he worked at the Miami Herald and he couldn’t do anything about them so they just up and moved back to New York State. They refused to say just what this monster did to their family to make them move……. Hard to tell what goes on inside the mind of a drug dealer….

  3. WHY is that Sheriff running from camera to camera mouthing off like he is some kind of “hero” when HE was an ACTIVE ACCOMPLICE to 17 murders. .
    Sheriff Scott Israel should be on trial as an accessory.
    Sheriff Scott Israel is a Hillary Clinton supporter …… they wanted a mass shooting for political purposes …… to undermine Trump for ONE to take guns is TWO ….. There were 22 incidents with just that Hillary-supporting Sheriff’s Department that they ignored. Then there were warnings to the FBI and Lord knows who else. Would Hillary supporters murder innocent children? They did in Libya and WACO.

    • Zap honey….did you read my post above yours about how just threatening someone verbally can’t get you arrested no matter HOW many times you yell or scream at someone or they yell and scream at you that they will kill you? The law only works one way…..if you DO something THEN they can come and arrest you. Words are just hot air to them and they can’t legally do anything about it. Cruz should have been Baker Acted but wasn’t….that’s what should have happened to this kid….just ask the Henderson Clinic worker WHY he wasn’t….not dizball Israel…his guys probably just noted the nutcase at that address for future follow up when something DID happen.

    • The BSO were out to the kid’s home 39 times and 2 of those times there was a mental health worker from Henderson Clinic who administered the kid some “meds”. That was the time to send him to the Funny Farm but they didn’t.

  4. The Sheriff and the FBI are either incompetent or complicit. Either way they need held accountable. They have missed following up on many solid tips which resulted in terrorist events including the Boston Marathon Bombing!
    Any Citizen who has the right to vote should have the right to carry, open or concealed!.

  5. The Sheriff and FBI are either incompetent or complicit and should be held accountable.
    Any Citizen who has the right to vote should have the right to carry, open or concealed!

      • We have had for many years a group of people that care about and want to save the criminals; they cry and go more insane when a criminal is put to death. Those condemned to death yet live for many years after their death sentence, why? Because these people care about the criminals life and not his victim or many victims and these are the same people that want your guns. The mood in this country now is hate whitey, kill him, destroy his legacy him and his family. They are worried about the criminal’s life and yet want to kill all white people? It is the right of every decent citizen to protect himself and his family. The majority of this group cannot even provide for themselves or even care about their families and when yours guns are gone they will be armed you can bet on that.

        • This has been the planning for many years beginning with the infiltration of our government institutions. A communist agenda to destroy America. The corruption has roots embedded in every one of our law enforcement agencies, every branch of government, religious institutions etc. Every major corporation also, and the corporations are being used to destroy us also, such as Monsanto which is a company that specializes in the production of toxic chemicals is on a path to monopolizing our food supply which has been genetically modified to destroy us. Our drinking water is under attack by companies like Nestle. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. All evil. The spraying of our skies for so many years now that the planet itself is dying. The ultimate goal is our extermination. The one’s doing it need not worry in their underground cities that were built on the backs of the very people they are killing. There is just one major obstacle getting in their way. Our ability to defend ourselves. They will do whatever it takes to remove that and once they have, it is game over.

          • Truth about Monsanto, I worked for them and it was started by a tribe member and still run by the tribe. All they care about is profit and not people. A plant manager once told the employees one time at a plant meeting, “You want a friend, buy a dog”. One time they had a free college scholarship for an employee’s dependent, guess who won? Top CEO of Monsanto’s son.

          • Profit may be their bottom line, but I think they also have an agenda. The elite no longer have any use for us now that technology has crossed the threshold of being able complete the same tasks more efficiently. We are now nothing but useless eaters.
            We have until August 29th at 2:14 am when Skynet becomes self aware!

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