Ohio school districts train teachers to handle guns: 'They are our safety'.

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Two school districts near Dayton, Ohio have trained a confidential team of teachers and staff to fire back at an active shooter.

“Our staff members are trained to go to the threat and address the threat. Not to run away,” said Mad River Schools Superintendent Chad Wyen.

The Sidney and Mad River school districts have guns hidden in safes throughout its schools which can be opened only by staff on the armed response team. Each member of the team is vetted, selected by the district, and must have a license to carry. The team goes through “rigorous” monthly training.
“These teachers are trained and trained as well in the use of firearms as the average police officer,” said Sidney Middle School armed guard and veteran tactical officer, Rick Cron. “I made sure that that would happen. I didn’t want someone who wasn’t trained to come to my aid. I wanted people who understood tactics.”


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2 thoughts on “Ohio school districts train teachers to handle guns: 'They are our safety'.

  1. oh come on!!!!!!!!!!! heres the next scripted false flag,”teacher perceives threat from student,shoots student ,is charged with murder’.

  2. WHY is that Sheriff parading around running his mouth when HE was an ACCOMPLICE.
    The “authorities” are ACCOMPLICES …. It was under “their watch” that literally dozens of complaints were ignored …. 22 to the Sheriff alone ….. Sheriff Scott Israel is a Hillary Clinton supporter …… they wanted a mass shooting for political purposes …… to undermine Trump for ONE to take guns is TWO ….. THERE WERE 22 INCIDENTS with just that Hillary supporting Sheriff’s Department MANY warnings that THEY IGNORED. Then there were warnings to the FBI and Lord knows who else. Would Hillary supporters murder innocent children? They did in Libya and WACO.

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