Carlin – “The poor are there, just to scare the sh*t out of the middle class”.

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by MrMalarkeye

I honestly believe the ruling class wants there to be a certain amount of homeless people. Like Carlin said, “The poor are there, just to scare the shit out of the middle class”. This could be why feeding/providing for them is often illegal. Homeless serve as a motivation for us to comply and work.

Carlin elaborates on this point in this brief clip.

Everybody at some point has seen a homeless person and felt something, whether pity, sadness, anxiety, or a number of other emotions.

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It’s almost as if the elites and the ruling class use homelessness as a “cautionary tale”, as a way of motivating the general public through fear, into willfully joining the workforce and being “thankful” for their indentured servitude. Perhaps this is why they are preserving homelessness and interfering with attempts to help them, like we’ve recently seen.

“See that man, you don’t want to end up like him, right? So you finish school, you find a job, pay your taxes, and everything will work out”. Fear is a very powerful motivator, folks.

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Perhaps also, the common attitude of hatred, resent and “it’s their own fault” towards homeless people, was encouraged and pushed by the ruling class, as a way to ensure that we the people never find the motivation to organize and help one another.

In short, what if homelessness and the extreme poor class are used by TPTB as a way to get the general public to appreciate their own indentured servitude?


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