Case Study: How The Fed’s Overstimulus Is Driving Columbus Ohio’s Home Prices To The Moon! (18.6% In Q1 2022 Versus 6.15% In Q4 2019 Pre-Covid)

by  confoundedinterest17

Earlier today, we saw that the Case-Shiller National home price index in March rose to its fastest rate in history.

Columbus Ohio is not covered by Case-Shiller in their 20-city index, but the FHFA’s home price index does. And in Q1 2022, home prices grew at a 18.6% YoY clip.

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Before Covid and the march of The Federal Reserve (and Biden’s anti-fossil fuel orders), home prices in Columbus Ohio were only growing at a 6.15% YoY rate. So, thanks to The Fed, home prices in Columbus are growing at nearly 3 times the pre-Covid rate.

Here is the CS national home price index.



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