Cash-Strapped National Guard Warns It Will Be Forced to Cancel Training, Ground Aircraft

One call to the Federal reserve would make everything okay, right???

With all the money printing going on I’m not exactly sure why the National Guard is complaining???

Maybe there is another side to this story???

Anyone hazard to take a guess???

The National Guard is facing a severe funding shortage after its months-long mission securing the U.S. Capitol after the Jan. 6 pro-Trump assault. If the force isn’t reimbursed $520 million soon, it will have to cancel training events, schools and weekend drills, and even ground aircraft, has learned.

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According to a memo from the Guard to Congress and obtained by, funding to recuperate the costs the force spent from Jan. to May on Capitol security needs to be assured by July 1. If not, commanders in all 54 U.S. states and territories will be notified to brace for halted operations and the potential cancellation of drills in August and September.


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