Casino visitors and online casino players can now play roulette together

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Evolution Gaming is one the leading providers of live dealer casino games, whose games are regularly played by online casino players from all around the world. It’s famous for its Immersive Roulette, which uses beautiful setting, multiple camera angles and slow motion to create an amazing gambling experience.

Now, they are bringing it one step further. On June 19, Evolution Gaming announced signing a unique agreement with Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The gaming provider will provide a new piece of equipment to the casino – they will install a special roulette table with multiple cameras, which will allow the customers physically present in the casino to gamble alongside online players joining the game from the comfort of their homes.

    • First Dual Play roulette table in the US

This Dual Play roulette table will not be the first of its kind, however, it will be the first such game outside of Europe and in the United States. And it makes sense to place it in the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey is one of the few states with legal online gambling, and only land-based gambling operators are allowed to run online casinos. That means online and land-based gambling is already well-connected in the state and the new Dual Play roulette table simply makes sense.

Apart from bringing something new to the American market, this step is good for the Evolution Gaming’s European online casino business. James Stern from Evolution Gaming said: “This is a landmark installation for Evolution, which gives online players across Europe the chance to experience the thrill of playing live at a pioneering Atlantic City casino.”

    • First American Dual Play roulette table

There is at least one more “first” in this story. According to the Evolution Gaming’s announcement, the new table in New Jersey will be the first of its kind to feature the American version of the game – double zero roulette.

In this version, there is one extra number (00), which makes the game odds worse for the players and of course better for the casino. There are other differences between various roulette types, but the presence of an extra number is by far the most influential one.

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While European roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, the double zero version has a house advantage of 5.26% – that’s almost double. The question is whether players will overlook this and play the American version even despite the worse odds or not.

On the casino premises, it’s fair to expect this table to be popular, as it will most likely be surrounded by other American roulette tables. What’s more, the unique table with multiple cameras will capture players’ attention and act as an attraction in and of itself. However, in the online world, it’s extremely easy to find a European or French roulette table with much better odds for the players.

    • Scheduled to go live in Q3 2018

The new Dual Play roulette table should become available in the Resorts Casino Hotel in the third quarter of this year. Apart from the players in the land-based casino in New Jersey, it will be available for customers playing in online casinos using Evolution Gaming’s software for their live dealer games.

It you gamble online and want to try the Dual Play roulette, it might be better for you to go for one of the single zero roulette tables with much better odds. However, if you’d like to experience the American casino atmosphere, this is a unique chance to do so without actually travelling to the US.

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