Cast Aside Everything You Thought You Knew – This Is How It Really Is.

by Pamela Williams
It is time that all of us, who strive to understand what is really going on, finally get our questions answered.   Starting from the 2016 Election to the present assault on President Trump by the Deep State, we have been in the dark.  What is the Deep State anyway?  I had never heard the term used until recently referring to the assault on President Trump.  The first thing to make clear is there is a Deep State, and it is assaulting President Trump.  In fact, the assault and the impeachment has been planned long before the words appeared in print.
Question number one is:
1.Who is the Deep State?
Straight to the point is what you can expect from this report.  I will state now I believe everything I am telling you.  Today it has become crystal clear, and I am not mincing words.  The current Deep State is Barack Obama, Ex-CIA Director John Brennan, and Ex-FBI Director James Comey.  None of these men will ever be charged or prosecuted for any of their crimes.  They are in charge of this Country and have been for a very long time now.
They are not planning on allowing President Trump to stay in office, and at this time I believe they will succeed in impeaching him.  It is very sad, and it is very frightening. There are some surprising things I have learned that I would never have believed.
2.Did the Deep State support Hillary Clinton for President?
No, the Deep State did not feel Clinton was stable enough for the Presidency. This is shocking, but I will explain.   All through the 2016 Election we have seen a series of leaks and investigations that have damaged both Clinton and Trump.  It was one leak after another.  Although, we thought FBI Director James Comey let Clinton walk free during the email investigation…it was all a setup…a planned setup.
Hillary Clinton was already burdened with a reputation for secrecy and dishonesty, and the email investigation reminded people of why they did not trust her.   On July 5, 2016, Director Comey dealt a severe blow to Clinton by holding a press conference to denounce her use of a private email server while Secretary of State as “extremely careless,” yet he announced that no legal action would follow, opening her to a damaging line of attack that she jeopardized national security but that her political status gave her special protection.
The Deep State wanted you to think exactly what you did.  Clinton was guilty, but her status gave her special protection, and we hated her for that.
A point here to keep in mind:  Trump’s Justice Department noted in justifying Comey’s firing  the way in which he handled the Clinton investigation.
3.What were they hoping would happen with Trump?
The Obama Administration really did not think Trump had a chance in winning.  After Trump’s surprising victory on Nov. 8, President Obama and his intelligence chiefs escalated their efforts to undermine Trump’s legitimacy. The Obama administration leaked an intelligence assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin had orchestrated the hacking of Democratic emails and their publication by WikiLeaks to undermine Clinton and help Trump.  The public fell for it.
The stage was set for what could have been a revolt by the Electoral College, in which enough Trump delegates might have refused to vote for him to send the election into the House of Representatives, where the states would choose the President from one of the top three vote-getters in the Electoral College.
Guess who was third place finisher?  Colin Powell,  former Secretary of State could have been the next President. He got three votes from Clinton delegates in Washington State. The idea of giving votes to Powell was that he might be an acceptable alternative to House members over either Clinton or Trump. However,  the Electoral College hope failed when Trump’s delegates proved faithful to the GOP candidate. From the beginning the Deep State underestimated Trump, and this has made them angry and desperate.
Lets talk about the concocted story of Russia-gate and the leaks.  The Russia-gate story was 100% Deep State.  The fake dossier began with Clinton supporters hiring a firm to dig up dirt on Trump.  However, it had no truth, but that did not stop the Deep State from spreading it.  
As far as the leaks go, this is how they occurred and who was most likely responsible.

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  1. Podesta leaks:  John Podesta was listed as a foreign agent for Saudi Arabia, and he was being monitored by the Intelligence Community.  Most likely they leaked his emails.
  2. DNC leaks were leaked by a disgruntled DNC employee.  Maybe it was Seth Rich, and maybe it wasn’t.  The fact that Julian Assange offered a reward in the murder of Seth Rich should tell us all something…even his parents…think.
  3. Clinton leaks were an inside job.  Most likely a Clinton Foundation whistleblower…Eric Braverman?

By the time Election Day came, Trump was engulfed by Russia-gate and not one thing about it was true.  In fact, Clinton had more of a relationship with Russia than Trump did.  Nevertheless, Russia-gate was a disease that had spread like wild-fire.  
Democrats, liberals and progressives threatened Trump supporters, and their hatred of Trump and their dread about his policies convinced some that the ends of removing Trump justified whatever means were employed, even if those means employed McCarthyism.
Demands for a sweeping investigation of any connections between Trump’s team and Russia were growing louder. The Resistance had  clear hope something would turn up that could be exploited in an impeachment proceeding.
Comey had the key role in the impeachment  operation. It would be up to the FBI to secure financial records from Trump and his associates that could provide a foundation for at least suspicions of a sinister relationship between them and Russia.  That is why Trump has recently said it was crossing a line when they ask for his financial records.
President Trump had tried to gain political momentum by several acts that we not popular with the people, but he was hoping to impress the Deep State.  He knows what he is up against, and he knows he may not have many options left.
He fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Feb. 13 over what exactly was said in a pre-Inauguration phone conversation between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador. Trump also got the Russia-gate pressure to lessen when, on April 6, he fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria over an alleged chemical attack. But he soon came to realize that those actions were brief and that a constitutional coup was underway with him as the target.
Then under recommendation of Assistant Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, he fires James Comey.  The Comey firing sparked demands for a special prosecutor or at least more aggressive investigations by Congress and the press.  Then, boom, the same man who told Trump to fire Comey breaks the news he is appointing Ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as special prosecutor to investigate Russia-gate.
Comey may have lost his job, but his true job was rooted in the Deep State, and his performance was superb.  He played stupid, but he was not stupid at all.
Now Robert Mueller is in charge, and it is danger of impeachment President Trump now faces.  It is progressing just as the Deep State planned.  President Trump has reached a place where he has truly been hit hard, and that is the Deep State has picked on his eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr.  They set him up, and he took the bait…just like anyone in his position would.
I want to quote an excellent article from  It explains why Mueller is the hit man, who has been sent in by the Deep State to take Trump out.
Mueller became FBI Director on Sep. 04, 2001, just seven days before 9/11. Do you think this is a “coincidence?” 9/11 was a false flag “inside job” according to numerous NSA/C.I.A./FBI whistleblowers like Susan Lindauer, William Binney, Ted Gunderson, Kevin Shiff, James Bamford, Thomas Drake, J. Kirk Wiebe, Colleen Rowley and Robert Steele.
Mueller promoted the Deep State’s abuses of privacy under The Patriot Act; the Deep State used 9/11 as a “false flag” to scare Congress into passing the most massive give away of American constitutional privacy rights in history—this paved the way for the NSA/C.I.A. warrantless surveillance program first exposed by NSA leaker/patriot Edward Snowden.
Mueller abused the secret, unaccountable FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court and Project Stellar Wind to obtain dictatorial warrants on Americans at will. His powers to abuse privacy dwarf any such powers that former FBI J. Edgar Hoover used.
Protected the Deep State takeover of the Internet. On Sep. 11, 2007, Microsoft started turning over user data to the NSA. On Jun. 03, 2009, Facebook did as well . . . See Timeline from Edward Snowden’s release.
Exploited NSA blackmail data to retain power—just like his predecessor FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.
Mueller held exclusive Cayman Island offshore personal investments.
Wrote a recommendation letter for Pres. Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland back in 1995 when Bill Clinton nominated him to be DC circuit judge—Mueller is clearly a Deep State Democrat operative.
Failed to bring forward any prosecutions in:
Fast & Furious,
2008 Banking “bailout” (Wall Street tax dollar feeding frenzy); See 2008 TIMELINE,
Energy stimulus boondoggles,
IRS targeting of Tea Party,
The Clinton Foundation’s enrichment in the Khazak, UrAsia / Russian Uraniaum One deal giving away 20% of America’s uranium reserves to Russia,
Bureau of Land Management land redistributions (to give the Chinese more mining rights),
America Invents Act (AIA) corruption that allowed deep-pocket globalist companies to file for “patent reexaminations” as many times as they wished, thus tying up real inventors in endless litigation while the globalist companies exploit the inventions with impunity.
Theft of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies’ social networking invention. Failed to investigate Mark Zuckerberg’s perjuries on the [IBM Eclipse Foundation] origins of Facebook. This is the motivating underlying subject line that triggered the creation of the AFI TIMELINE that discovered the Deep State shadow government’s treachery.
NSA / C.I.A. warrantless surveillance; see 2001 Project “Stellar Wind” setup, execution
Judicial mutual fund bribery rules changes (See AFI. (Nov. 26, 2014. How Judges Grow Rich On The Backs Of American Inventors for an analysis of this scandal.
9/11 C.I.A. inside job,
Offshore money laundering,
Obamacare conflicts of interest fiasco,
Allowed Bilderberg Group sedition,
Allowed Davos World Economic Forum sedition,
Allowed Trilateral Commission sedition,
Allowed U.N. Commission sedition,
Allowed George Soros Open Society Foundations (Soros) sedition. See also AFI. (Aug. 21, 2016). George Soros: The epic global meddler. Americans for Innovation.
Allowed The Clinton Foundation sedition,
Allowed Federal Reserve sedition,
Mueller’s Net Worth increased from $1.8M (2001) to up to $7.0M (2011) on an FBI director salary! This period includes the disastrous 2008-2009 crisis and drop in the stock markets.
His former Harvard professor Benjamin M. Friedman is director of one of his super exclusive Cayman Island offshore investments Mellon Optima L/S (long/short) Strategy Fund LLC, N-CSR 
Mueller has more than 20 years of conflicts of interest with Rod J. Rosenstein, James B. Comey and Clintons. See numerous previous posts, search “Comey” “Mueller” and “Rosenstein”.
Failed to prosecute rampant rogue C.I.A.-run  global pedophilia blackmail rings.
Since our elected leaders in Washington, D.C. seem incapable of draining the swamp of people like Mueller, We the People are going to have to do it. Washington’s impotence was affirmed by Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who said he is leaving Congress because neither Republicans nor Democrats want to change anything.
It is now evident that the Washington, D.C. “Establishment” is compromised by sex and drugs, just as former FBI superstar Special Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson said. It appears that former FBI Director Mueller was directing the C.I.A. pedophilia blackmail rings instead of prosecuting them.
In conclusion, this is the way it is coming down upon us now in this Country…bottom line.



25 thoughts on “Cast Aside Everything You Thought You Knew – This Is How It Really Is.”

  1. What a very powerful article! I know it sounds completely crazy to say, but I for one would not blame Trump for firing Mueller then utilizing the military itself to clean out the Deep State from his administration and hold Congressional impeachment at bay while he saves what’s left of our Constitutional Republic. It seems to be coming down to civil war, either that or just sit back while Obama’s Deep State and the globalist finished dismembering the last remnants of the America we once knew and loved. A literal coup is going on, what are we going to dom, just sit back and watch it unfold without taking decisive action to utterly defeat it?

        • I thought about this and I think our votes mattered for several reasons, the change in the TALK and propaganda has changed for the better. the LANDSLIDE win for TRUMP show exactly how many American CITIZENS are FEED UP with the baloney and crimes of the elite and the ELECTED CRIMINALS, so don’t be suprizes when the US CITIZENS IMPEACH him for NON PRODUCTION! aka laying down on the JOB!

    • John, I am glad you received knowledge from the article. It is overwhelming to me to understand the gravity of what the American people are experiencing and really do not realize it. We are fighting a war, and it is a war we will not win. We are losing our freedom, or what we thought we had. I am really at a loss for words when I think about it.

      • Casara, like your new avatar! I can so identify with your sentiments and anguish over the gravity of the situation and the blindness of many Americans. Was checking out a YouTube video on Mueller at the MSNBC channel and the comments were the exact opposite of what one sees here at IWB, like Mueller is some hero, comments like, “We got your back Mueller.” Drunk on the MSM kool-aid, clueless that their liberties, are you point out, are what is at stake.

  2. The deep state is the jew state. Until Americans (especially Evangelicos) figure out they have a domestic parasite that they think is their friend, but is actually their enemy, nothing will change and it will only get worse. They have been kicked out of 109 countries 84 times for a reason you know! They subvert, undermine and control government, banking and the media, which are the cornerstones of society. Watch this video and actually listen to what this man says and how closely it matches the USA today.
    Regardless of what you think of Hitler, whether he was the real deal or not, or he was a Rothschild agent created to control the anti-jew uprising in Germany, just listen. Most history channel shows about Hitler are carefully censored and chosen NOT to show you anything of importance. Most westerners have never heard what Hitler actually said.
    Once you understand this, you will see that Trump is a mere puppet show because he has them all around him, and he puts them into positions of authority and power, maybe at that point Americans will see the world the way it really is.

  3. I am amazed at the negativity of this article. You people sell short President Donald J Trump. These people that were said to be in control of the deep state are losers. They are losing and will continue to lose.
    I am so sick and tired of hearing people attack Trump as if he does not know what is going on. He knows….and so far has handled it in an amazing way. He has out played every one who has come against him. I really do believe that GOD has anointed Donald J Trump to be president at this time. Senator John S. McCain was an enemy of Trump and he just happened to come down with terminal brain cancer. Go back to November 8, 2016. I remember at 8 PM there was a massive call for prayer to defeat Hillary Clinton. Donald J trump then began his decimation of the demonic rat plan to steal the election. By midnight it was victory for those who prayed.
    So these negative articles are here for a reason….to defeat those who support President Trump. That is all this article is trying to achieve and it will not work. President Trump has a handle on who is who in the zoo. There are going to be massive arrests by Sessions soon. That is why President Trump has been criticizing Sessions…to distance himself from him to prevent the left from making the claim that the arrests were political. I understand why people can be so negative…we always seem to get what we always get…..but this time we have a president that does what he says he will do……a very good and great thing.

    • Steve, you have a wonderful attitude, and I can see you are a religious man. I think Godly man is a truthful man. Trump is under so much pressure right now, we should pray for him. They have hit him where he is the softest, and that is his children. They are, also, saying they want to check his financial records. That has been their plan all along. They want to peer into his finances even before he was President. So they are hitting his kids and his pocketbook. They have never done anything like this in history, or not that I know of. Does this not strike you as just too much power of a Special Counsel to act in this way. I want you, too, to think about the fact that Assistant AG Rob Rosenstein advised Trump to fire Comey and then he sets up a Special Counsel to investigate him. Does this not strike you as an assault on a President as you have never seen in the history of the United States? Trump is a good and smart man, but you had better pray for him, as no man in history has been under this kind of pressure, except Job in the Bible. God tested Job, and maybe he is testing Trump, too. My way of fighting back is to speak the truth and call out those who think they are hidden in the shadows. Trump is feeling the pressure shown by his latest tweets….I will get the link for you.

  4. This is soap opera sold to us at very high retail. Everything in DC goes according to plan. It is shocking how many STILL, after all these years, are ready and eager to buy Russiagate ; and STILL, somehow believe in base hustlers like Hillary, Assange, Snowden, and Trump…


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