Cathie Wood predicts the autonomous taxi network will reach $12 trillion in next 10 years

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“So it sounds like you’re still sticking with Tesla” – Host

“Without a doubt… We’ve increased our estimate, in the next 10 years we think the autonomous taxi network is a 11 to 12 trillion global opportunity. From nothing today, just to give you a sense of the size of that opportunity the US economy is 21 trillion dollars.” – Cathie

Hear for yourself:

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From a quick Google, ride sharing and taxis currently are a $258b industry. The entire automotive industry is $3.5t. So not only will everyone switch to self driving taxis, but they’ll spend many multiples more then what is spent on all cars.

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Maybe Cathie is just fully onboard the Michael Burry “there’s going to be hyper inflation” train who knows /s.


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