CBDC Is a Core Element of the Incoming New World Order

By Chris Black

Do you know what CBDC means? The acronym stands for Central Bank Digital Currency and it’s basically the NWO’s response to the rise of blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

As usual in our fake and gay world, CBDC is nothing like Bitcoin, as in CBDC is basically a country’s official currency in digital form. I know what you’re thinking: but Chris, we already have that today.

And you’d be 100 percent correct: the major difference between a blockchain based crypto like Bitcoin and CBDC is that the latter is basically fiat money in digital form, totally controlled by a central bank, which has the power to issue more of it, set the terms on it, or to decide what the respective currency is good for.

Basically, full implementation of CBDC means the death of cash money, and the central banker cabal will have full control over you, as in they can shut down your ability to use their currency. As in, if you’re a dissident or whatever, the bank will block your wallet address, or force you to spend your CBDC in certain places only. 

Since we’re talking digital currency, the bank can also put a time limit/expiration date on your money, so if you don’t spend them all within a certain amount of time, it will disappear from your wallet.

Sounds nice, eh?

Israel, our best friend and ally in the Middle East that never fought alongside US troops on the ground already tested CBDC:

Jerusalem Post:

Israel has already conducted a pilot test of a digital shekel cryptocurrency, Bank of Israel Deputy Governor Andrew Abir said, perhaps inadvertently, at a recent conference of the Fair Value Forum of IDC Herzliya.

Toward the end of a panel discussion, Abir said the Bank of Israel had already run a digital currency pilot. Another member of the panel seemed surprised and asked: “You have already issued a coin?” Abir responded in the affirmative.

So, to make it real easy for boomer tech types, a CBDC has nothing in common with, let’s say Bitcoin. CBDC actually means you have way less freedom than you currently have with paper money.

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If you come to think about it, more than 90 percent of the money in circulation is already digital (numbers in a computer basically), which means most people are already using “digital currency.” 

So, introducing CBDC means that nothing will actually change, except for more restrictions on how one is allowed to use their digital money.

The Bank of England is going all in:

Switzerland and France are also riding the gravy train:

The US is still lagging behind Europe, maybe because we’re slowly becoming a third world shithole, but we’re getting there, no worries.

Bottom line, this is all part of the Great Reset, and CBDC is a necessary step in introducing UBI. 

With UBI, large swaths of people will become completely dependent on government subsidies, and if you want to get your UBI allowance, you’ll have to be a good goy. 

This will be coins that are totally controlled by the government, which you can only spend how they want you to spend them, and which you will not be allowed to store up or use to build a business.

The new world after the Great Reset  is going to be a nightmarish dystopia of multinational corporations ruling over masses of mocha-latte peasants, where everything is owned by monopolies colluding with a one-party system of government. 

We’re getting there fast, don’t you think?



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