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The Morning Rising show mentioned that Biden has done 11 interviews with the media, and has been asked 81 questions, since the Tara Reade allegation.

Not a single person in the media bothered to ask Joey Fingers about it.

They also noted that Joey Fingers is picking and choosing only the friendliest, most obviously on-the-team “journalists” to talk to. So every time you see these people asking Sundown Joe questions, remember, they’ve been specifically chosen because of their positive partisan bias.

CBS and PBS did finally at least mention the allegation, obliquely. Of course they did not ask Joe Biden about it, nor did they report any answers about it that they received from the Biden campaign. So they also didn’t bother to email the campaign about it. (Or, at least: they decided to embargo any mention of the response.)

A CBS reporter asked Bernie Sanders if Bernie Sanders thought that the allegation against Joe Biden was worth discussing.

I’d like to hear how Joe Biden answers that question.

Of course, he won’t have to.

PBS is even worse — partisan hack and War Whore Christiana Amanapour asked DNC Tom Perez only how he is “going to deal with these allegations.” Not about the allegations themselves, of course!

No, she was just asking him about their tactics in “dealing” with the allegations.

Boy, really giving it to him with both barrels, huh, Christiana?

She did not ask: Why doesn’t “#BelieveAllWomen” apply here? Is the Democrat Party really committed to that line, or is it only deployed for partisan advantage?

Does Tom Perez believe all women? If not, why not?

Those are tough questions.

So of course the DNC Media doesn’t ask DNC personnel those questions.

Note to the media:

You’re not protecting Joey Fingers here, you know. Because Trump and the RNC are going to run clips of Tara Reade’s accusation, accompanied by pictures of Joe Biden sniffing teenagers’ necks, at a time of their own choosing.

And you can’t stop those ads, either. You’ll try, but you’ll be taken to federal court, and you’ll lose.

This is going to be a huge story, Media. Joe Biden is going to get the Brett Kavanaugh treatment whether you like it or not.

UPDATE: Joe Concha of The Hill tweets, “CNN’s first story on Tara Reade’s sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden from back in 1993 below. Context: CNN posted more than 700 stories on Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.”

I think they were shamed by Mollie Hemingway’s Federalist article on Thursday to put something on the board: CNN Flooded Zone With Kavanaugh Coverage. Hasn’t Mentioned Biden’s Accuser Once.

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