CBS Building In NYC Has Been Evacuated

CBS News announced on Wednesday that all employees in two of their buildings, both located on West 57th street in Manhattan, are to work from home after learning two staffers tested positive for the coronavirus.

CBS Broadcast Center in New York City is located at 513 W 57th Street between 11th and 12th avenues, a few blocks south of Lincoln Center. The second building is located directly across the street at 555 West 57th street.

In a memo shared with Heavy, Susan Zirinsky, President and Senior Executive Producer of CBS News said, “We have learned that two employees – one working on the 5th floor of the 513 building of the Broadcast Center and another on the 9th floor of 555 West 57th Street – tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have been planning for this possibility and want everyone to be assured that we are taking all necessary measures.”

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Zirinksy added, “We are asking that employees in both buildings work remotely for the next two days while the buildings are cleaned and disinfected. In addition, we have identified employees who may have been in direct contact with these individuals in question, and they will be asked to self-quarantine and work remotely for the next 14 days.”

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The names of the two employees that tested positive for COVID- 19 were not released. Zirinsky also noted that this will not be a long shutdown. She said, “At this point, we anticipate the offices will be open Monday.”