CBS This Morning covers story on Joe Biden refusing a cognitive test; CBS selectively edits out footage from end of Biden’s response showing cognitive declin

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by meme_kat

Joe Biden participated in a live virtual online interview this morning with various reporters hosted by the 2020 NABJ- NAHJ Virtual Convention.

During the event CBS correspondent Errol Barnett asked Joe Biden if he would take a cognitive test. Biden refused, then asked Barnett if he was a junkie. Biden began to show signs of cognitive decline at the end of his response.

After the interview, CBS This Morning ran the story showing Biden implying Barnett was a Junkie and included Biden stating he would debate Trump. However, CBS selectively edited out the footage of Biden having trouble finishing a sentence.

August 5, 2020 – CBS correspondent interview with Joe Biden

He also called the black reporter a Junkie.

They tried to cover up that shit up too.

They are no longer interested in reporting facts, everything is shaped, you can’t see the real Joe Biden because he’s a senile racist.

That’s running for President as the Democratic nominee.

This can’t be the best they have to offer.




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