CBS: Unvaccinated workers could end up paying $50 more for health insurance — per paycheck

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Workers who have yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19 could soon be paying as much as $50 more per paycheck for health insurance as companies across the U.S. try to protect their employees — and themselves — from outbreaks of the disease.

Although most companies remain hesitant to require workers to get vaccinated before they return to the office, even offering hefty financial incentives to get a shot, a growing number of big employers are imposing such mandates. And as sick Americans again flood hospitals amid a surge in cases caused by the virus’s Delta variant, experts say corporations are weighing whether to hike unvaccinated employees’ monthly insurance premiums.

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“Because of the emergence of the Delta variant and because vaccination levels have stalled out with employers, they’re trying to take some more ‘stick’-type measures rather than the incentive,” said Wade Symons, a partner at Mercer Health, a benefits consulting firm. “They’re looking for something that’s going to move the needle, and they’re looking at a surcharge as a potential option for that.”

Unvaccinated workers could end up paying $50 more for health insurance — per paycheck

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