CDC Admits Cloth Masks Aren’t Effective

by Chris Black

Regulations say that a N95 mask needs to be disposed of as soon as it is contaminated. Which would be immediately if there is an airborne contaminate.

The reason why a N95 mask works is because it holds a static charge in the fibers. This charge is dissipated when the mask gets wet. The condensation from your breath will make the mask useless after 15-20 minutes. Once the charge is gone, the mask is toast and can’t be reused.

If you read the warning sheet packaged with any real N95 mask, it says that humidity above 65% will reduce the effectiveness of the mask. In 80% humidity, the mask loses up to 30% of its effective rating.

First Covid lived on surfaces for days, so we had to disinfect our mail.

Now the studies say that the supposed virus is inactivated within minutes of exposure to the outside world. Oops.

They said the idiotic Plexiglas barriers protect everyone, despite there being open air all around them. Studies showed that the barriers actually impede airflow and cause pockets of dead air that allow particulates to build up, making it worse for people’s health.

Masks didn’t work, then they did work, and now they don’t work unless they are N95s.

But N95s all have warning labels that say they don’t protect you from pathogens.

You don’t even need to start the discussion on the lies of the so-called vaccines.

Of course this was all known prior to the supposed pandemic. The CDC’s own website says that none of those measures would work in a peer reviewed scientific evaluation of masking, hand washing, disinfecting, and other measures.

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So why did they push for all this BS?

Covid has never been proven to be airborne. If it was, every person on Earth would have been infected in less than three weeks.

Airborne spread was “proven” using a viral analog aerosolized in an industrial nebulizer and spread around a room with a fan.

If the supposed virus was airborne, it would be impossible for a family member to remain uninfected if anyone else in the family was infected.

Everything the “experts” have said about Covid is wrong.

There isn’t a pandemic. The definition needed to be changed in order to be called that.

Just like the definition of a vaccine needed to be changed to call the Covid shots a vaccine.

The science of masks needed to be changed to claim they prevent a Covid infection, but nothing else. You can’t wear it to prevent any other disease, but it works for Covid.

Also, you can’t wear it to prevent smoke inhalation, which you can see. But it will still work for Covid, which you can’t see.


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