CDC Caught Under Counting Breakthrough Covid Cases

by Chris Black

You shoot a few hundred million people up with an untested experimental drug, and then wonder why thousands of people are getting sick?

You blame a variant of a pathogen, yet you can’t actually test for it, instead of the obvious.

The vaccine is the variant and what makes people sick.

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I like older science fiction shows because they often posed ethical dilemmas. In one episode of Stargate Atlantis, the enemy sucks the life out of you. It is always 100% fatal if they catch you. One group of people developed a drug that would stop the aliens from feeding on you, and it would kill them. The problem is that the drug is fatal to half the people who take it.

What do you do? If you take the drug you have a 50% chance of dying. But if you are captured by the aliens without the drug, you have a 100% chance of dying. If everyone takes the drug, then 50% of the population dies, but they will have immunity from being fed on by the aliens. In the show 96% of the people voted for everyone to get the drug. To them a 50% chance of dying is better than the 100% if the aliens come.

What if you only had a .5% chance of being killed by the aliens, but a 4% chance if being killed or maimed by the drug? Would you still take the drug?


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