CDC changes guidelines for masks for healthcare workers (so healthcare workers cannot sue because if they’re infected they technically followed cdc guidelines)

by magnesiumstool

And the AHA is attempting to decrease workplace safety standards to be void of liability if healthcare workers get infected on the job.

CDC is now recommending bandanas in lieu of a mask where people are seeing shortages. Healthcare workers have seen the standards change from n95 masks, to reusing n95 masks, to surgical masks, to reusing surgical masks, to now, bandanas and homemade masks. The American Hospital Association is lobbying for changes in legislation to healthcare workers workplace safety so they’re not liable for not providing proper protective equipment and for failing to keep backup stock of necessary PPE.

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Testing takes five days so staff must use lots of PPE to protect themselves while ruling out COVID and waiting for test results to come back. Rapid testing devices would exponentially decrease the dwindling global supply of PPE.

If these people are infected they bring it back to their family and children. Many nurses can not afford temporary secondary accommodations at this time. China built living spaces for these healthcare workers to limit spread.

This country is corrupt as fuck and used and abused those on the front lines of this. We weren’t prepared.

AHA (American hospital association) trying to decrease workplace safety standards:

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CDC changing standards for masks to protect healthcare workers from COVID:

Healthcare workers getting exposed to COVID because not protected:

Healthcare workers could lose job for taking time off because of exposure to/illness due to COVID:

China infection rates of healthcare workers despite literal hazmat suit level protection was in the 1000s. They’re exhausted from working lots of hours but since the US is in a national emergency nurses can be forced to work mandatory overtime also:



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