CDC Chief Warns “US Is Beyond Virus Containment In Some Areas”: Live Updates Meanwhile, the outbreak in the US continues to spread…

6th patient dies from Cov-19 in UK

US CDC Chief: “the US is beyond virus containment in some areas”

Austria closes border with Italy

NJ Governor declares state of emergency

Harvard moves classes online

Xi takes victory lap in Wuhan

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Update (1115ET): CDC Director Robert Redfield told lawmakers this morning during House tesimony that “the US is beyond virus containment in some areas”

Additionally, Redfield warned that Europe was the “New China” on the virus front and that US nursing homes were the most vulnerable to the virus.

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Update (0950ET): A sixth patient has succumbed to the coronavirus in the UK, BBC News reports.

UK has managed to keep the body count lower than several European peers (notably France and Spain) while Germany only just recorded its first death.

For some context:

Coronavirus deaths

China: 3119
Italy: 463
Iran: 237
South Korea: 53
France: 30
Spain: 30
US: 22
Japan: 17
Iraq: 6
UK: 5
Australia: 3
Netherlands: 3
Hong Kong: 3
Switzerland: 2
Germany: 2
San Marino: 2
Canada: 1
Thailand: 1
Egypt: 1
Taiwan: 1
Argentina: 1
Philippines: 1

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— UK Corona Virus / COVID-19 Flu Updates (@COVID_19corona) March 10, 2020
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Update (0850ET): As the US market open draws near, investors are parsing a flood of coronavirus related news overnight, including the good (President Xi’s to Wuhan and a sharp drop in new cases in South Korea), the bad (US confirmed cases nearing 1,000), and the ugly (Italy’s crackdown is starting to resemble China’s, as the video below would suggest).