One of two possible scenarios remain. Neither are good – My current Covid19 assessment

by Black Unit


I began to think about this as a free man, someone who observes the world around him and can make judgements based off what he knows and has learned while her for more than 48 years.

What I came up with are the only two logical scenarios. If you think I’m wrong, or crazy so be it, but give me some reasons for your judgement. This is based off hours of reading and listening to information wherever I could find it, both factual and prophetic. The scenarios are also based on logic and what I know of human nature, and communist practices.

Scenario 1: We have been lied to from the start. Millions are dead in China, the world’s leaders (and I use the term very loosely) covered this up from the first few deaths, knowing it was a bioweapon. They shut down video, used the massive tracking network across social media to control the massive panic which would have ensued. Country by country we are finding out how bad it is and locking down cities, quarantining everyone.

Getting the rest of the world slowly, almost quietly ready for what might be coming their way, while at the same time giving vague details about what the outbreak is like, just enough to cause concern, but not panic. Why would countries lock down cities for 3000 dead, or 10,000? Especially, Why would China do that? For their people? A communist country. Really? Read any history on what they have done in the millions to their own people? Do you Really think they would care if a few people caught a bad possibly fatal illness? Nope this is BIG. Its wiping out whole cities and industry. Just think about how much money they are losing every day, just for Apple. There is no way in HELL China jeopardizes a relationship with Apple over 3,000 people. tHINK! The goal? Population control. Beginning of a new world order exactly how they want it.

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Scenario 2: The Biblical connection. This is my favorite scenario. Perhaps its because I’ve studied biblical prophecy since Ive been 15. So, in this scenario, the numbers out of Wuhan and the rest of the world are correct. This is a manufactured bioweapon to scare all the sheep and get us all to hide inside and not go to work while the NWO crowd crashes the economy so it can link the vaccine to a brand new currency, because money is dirty, even cards are a thing of the past. Your whole wallet will be on an implanted chip along with all your passwords, your medical history, credit history, debit, credit cards, store cards ect. We have all been conditioned from the start for this. Apple set up the infrastructure for this. (Symbol, garden of eden apple with a bite taken out. Wisdom separate from God. Take the bite) So go home, stay home be a good little sheep, don’t panic, watch Netflix and Hulu, and make a party out of it. We will have things back up and running in no time, and by the way, if you don’t WANT to take the new wonder vaccine, you won’t be allowed to buy or sell anything, your kids cant go to school, you can’t do anything that requires money. You are done. Fight or die. Hopefully this is also when Christ comes back and kicks some ass.

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Thanks for reading.