CDC numbers reveal Flu like symptoms are 80% higher than last year at this time

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In the week ending March 16th, just look at how high the sickness rate is. By this time, last years’s 40-year record flu was down near baseline levels at about 2.5%. Notice how every other flu season for the previous six years was also in rapid decline at this time.*

There is also a 13% jump in pediatric deaths for this year. Week 11 represents 3.3% of the total number of weeks but nearly 13% of the deaths.

I stuck my neck out longer than a giraffe’s by repeatedly saying the flu would extend longer than previous years. There is a spooky accuracy to those warnings becoming more clear by the day. By the way, using flu like symptoms is the best indicator for the prediction because 5G doesn’t limit its harmful effects to the flu. Bacterial infections are just as likely – as are just about any other health malady.

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I’m willing to predict that the total number of medical visits this year for all causes has also seen an increase for this reason.

Every single prediction that was made has come true. Every single one! Don’t ask me what the stock market is going to do tomorrow, except at some point after April 11th. When the nation discovers 5G was responsible for the coming mini holocaust in Chicago and Minneapolis including diarrhea, skin rashes, and tinnitus, the stock market is going to crash like never before.

This is like a money in the bank prediction because we know 5G mobile phone service is coming to parts of those two cities in less than 3 weeks. The mayor and the city council members will be waking up to brown ponds in their beds. Since they have received advance notice, they will shut down 5G before they can take another crap.

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Word will ‘leak out’ that diarrhea was commonplace. Thus, no one in their right minds will want it other than pervs who like to watch fecal porn.
IOW, 5G is about to become a rotting corpse.

Sell short. Become rich.

* To see the image use the link and scroll down about half way down the page to “Outpatient Illness Surveillance.” There is a chart there.




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