Central Banks Are Doing This On Purpose. A Currency Collapse Is A Great Excuse To Bring In A New Monetary System.

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Do you anticipate a destruction of currencies including the U.S. dollar at some point?

Look around the world and you will see that central banks have done everything they can. They have all dropped interest down to historic levels. They have all printed insane amounts of money. And they have acted along with government to provide maximum stimulus measures. Yet after a decade, the economies of the world are still sluggish and appear to all be slowing down. What’s going to happen?


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Central banks, summary of current interest rates


Poloz eyes exports, wages and investment ahead of interest rate decision | Financial Post


Canada’s GDP unexpectedly shrinks, putting economy on track for slowest stretch of growth in three years | Financial Post


real-wages-weekly1-18.png (550×496)


DJIA1-18a.jpg (600×413)


Relative Strength Index (RSI)


lois 4.4.jpg (890×506)


^VIX 20.06 -1.04 -4.93% : Vix – Yahoo Finance


Venezuela’s Currency Is Doing Even Worse Than Previously Thought – Bloomberg


Screen-Shot-2018-04-04-at-2.32.41-AM_0.png (569×453)


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