Central Banks Are Preparing To Take Control Of The Blockchain

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The Canadian housing crisis is imploding, sales have dropped on existing homes. Inflation is starting to pick up, once inflation gets going the central bank will not be able to control it. The central banks are beginning to move into the blockchain arena, they are now working with Saudi Arabia to establish ripple as their cryptocurrency. Control is the game, control the currency at any cost as the system comes down.

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1 thought on “Central Banks Are Preparing To Take Control Of The Blockchain

  1. If the central banks plan to control the blockchain, they can either build their own, or buy something already out there and call it their own. Either way, that may not bode well for companies like Bitcoin, who are vehemently opposed to those same banks. Ripple was mentioned in the video- they are the contrarian player in that they specifically seek out banks as customers. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming months.

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