CEO: Food Prices to Explode NOW; FBI/NSA warn of Cyberattacks on Food & Water Systems

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“As a billionaire supermarket CEO says food prices will skyrocket +10% in the NEXT 60 DAYS, the NSA/FBI/CISA are warning of Cyberattacks on food production and municipal water/wastewater systems. Our food and water are under relentless attack across all vectors: financial, cyber, supply chain, fertilizer shortages, nat gas prices are conspiring to create a perfect storm within the systems that feed most people. Only those who seek to grow and raise their own food will be unaffected by the storm ahead. Get ready.”

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Report: Inflation to Accelerate Into 2022, Impacting Soap, Food

Inflation is expected to accelerate through 2022, increasing the cost of everyday products, multinational consumer goods company Unilever said Thursday.

“We expect inflation could be higher next year than this year,” said finance chief Graeme Pitkethly, noting the peak could continue.

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Pitkethly said prices rose from the 1.6 percent increase in the second quarter and warned they may increase in the fourth quarter, extending into next year.

The overall inflationary increase is reflected in the rising cost of individual products. For instance, Procter & Gamble is planning to increase prices for oral and skin care products.

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