CERN "GRAVITON" "OPENS DOOR" to Multiple Universe, Space- TIme & "BOTTOMLESS PIT"
Space-Time, Interdimentional portals, multiple dimentions, multiple universes: CERN “GRAVITON” “OPENS DOOR” to Multiple Universe, Space- TIme & “THE BOTTOMLESS PIT”
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12 thoughts on “CERN "GRAVITON" "OPENS DOOR" to Multiple Universe, Space- TIme & "BOTTOMLESS PIT"

  1. We are yes approaching the end. The two beasts of ch 13 the first one rises up out of the ocean. And the 2nd besst arises up out of the earth. And then just like in the godzilla movie 1999? He devours millions of fish (christians). Yes cern might be part of beast technology. Fear not however God is in control and ee have 12 chaptrrs before ch. 13.

  2. These crazy fools playing as though they are smarter, and like God. They intend on opening passages to bring in the demons, and use them to fight against our Lord Jesus Christ, and the angels of God. All the technology they are using was given to them from the fallen ones of old. It will be as the Bible says, as it were in the days of Noah, so shall it be again. Nothing new, just history repeating itself. It will be hell on earth, and that Is what these devil worshipers want. They are in darkness, and refuse to stand in the light. The Lord Jesus Christ, is allowing man to bury themselves, so to speak, and then he will separate his bride from the evil ones. Pray, repent, and seek him before it is to late.

  3. Brought to you from the same folks who gave us “safe” nuclear power, GMO food, and asbestos, to name a few. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. There is no such thing as a graviton, or, a ‘God particle’. Their data was a compilation of many experiments, statistically aligned to show what we predicted years ago, invisible swirls in the Aether. And yes, the theory of General Relativity demands an ‘aether’, it is only when you prove that God created via the Unified Field of God, that gravity is seen as a vortex in the Aether. This all lies on the foundation of dark energy, which is, The Aether, what the Ancients called; The power of darkness, the Waters of Genesis.
    Isn’t it funny, that they require massive magnets to see these (what JC Maxwell called; whorls.) energy vortexes that ‘they’ call; particles. Einstein was half right, all things are ‘frozen energy’, its what makes the atom bomb work, but dark energy is what holds The Light in place. The Light comes from ‘outside’, thus, science denies everything that is hidden.
    Believe whatever particle nonsense makes you happy, since it allows you
    to pretend within the parameters of the surface Illusion.

  5. They look for the tiniest particles. Ever smaller … ever smaller. But what do they keep discovering … their minds.
    For when they think they have reached the end, they discover a whole new beginning. If there is a God, deity or no, then it is clear, while they prove their own minds are getting smaller, by comparison, God’s is increasing. If not God, then “Truth.”

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