Changing Jobs Pays Off

Changing Jobs Every Few Years Pays Off

I, like many of you, am always looking to increase my income and contribute as much as I can to one day become financially independent. Every 2-2.5 years I search the market and pleased with the results. This time I was able to find a company that besides their share purchase program (matched at 15%), they also provide managers with $8000 in restricted stock (+/- Price Movement) every year. I think I’ll be sticking with these guys for a little while.

2010 to 2015: Avg $40K-50K Salary

2015 to 2016: 38% Wage Increase

2016 to 2018: 29% Wage Increase

2018 to 2020: 34% Wage Increase

Latest and previous offers.


h/t throwaway071317