CHAOS! Hamburg Is Looking Like A Warzone Right Now. Antifa Is Burning Cars And Destroying Shops.

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The smoke over the city reminds me of Aleppo when daily airstrikes were happening there

This is Altona. It is Hamburg.
“Love Trump’s hate”… – Clinton
“When he goes low… we go high” – Michelle Obama
… Few months later …
Assassination attempts on politicians, cities are vandalized, cars on fire, people getting beat up and hospitalized for supporting Trump, free speech banned on campuses, news outlets blackmailing teenagers, professors imprisoned for murder attempts with bike locks. This is supposed to build bridges? How do any left wing or democrat expect sympathy and understanding when they behave like this?

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22 thoughts on “CHAOS! Hamburg Is Looking Like A Warzone Right Now. Antifa Is Burning Cars And Destroying Shops.

  1. Is there a pattern to this car burning? I saw a red one go up. Seems they prefer the one on the corner too. Are the citizens not allowed to carry guns over there?

  2. …there should be multiple snipers posted across the city, with open orders to shoot dead…anyone they find committing any kind of violent act in their sight…with full immunity. I would have started shooting these Soros-Thugs dead long ago.
    RJ O’Guillory

      • …yes…that may be correct. I hadn’t thought of it that way. However, I know Soros really wants chaos, as he believes that out of chaos will come his New World Order. I would like to say that I’d love to see he and his ilk dead, but then whatever plans they have laid with their money will be continued by their kids or followers. Best to start rounding these people and their henchmen up, see how they enjoy that…”enhanced interrogation”…they have so lovingly developed…and get to the bottom of all their filthy -dealings. Then, convict them for crimes against humanity and hang them from lamp poles.
        RJ O’Guillory

      • …..Ha!…Is that all you have? Ha! No, really…that’s it? Is George Soros Jewish? I didn’t even know…(or care). I wonder why you felt the need to inject religion or ethnicity into the discussion? I’m unsure what ethnicity, or religion…or both…(as Jewishness can be confusing from that standpoint)…has to do with the fascist, NWO Paid-Rioters? Personally, I don’t care if you are a criminal Jew, a criminal Catholic…or a criminal Spaghetti-Monster-Adherent! What a weak POS you are. Trying to go-all…”anti-Jewish”…on me! What an idiot. For the record…I am an equal-opportunity-hater of all people wishing to steal my freedoms and liberty. I hate all people who oppress, suppress, steal, maim and murder for their own twisted goals and objectives. Gee…! Sounds like George Soros…you mental effing’ midget. Soros is one of the linchpins of globalist financing with regard to the NGO Groups that have been causing this type of mayhem across the world, and has already been thrown out of many countries. I guess there would be a similarity to Jews, as I hear they have been kicked out of many countries throughout history. But since I care mostly about current conduct, behavior and ethics that do not attempt to steal my freedoms, liberty or wealth…I couldn’t care less about your own racist outlook, and care only about stopping this assault on my natural liberties. Oh, and that…”scared”…thing? No, you do not work for US DoD all over their corrupt empire for 25 years, beat them in a Federal Whistle Blower Case without the aid of an attorney…(forcing them to retire me early at the pay grade of a Lt. Colonel)…then find out I’d been epileptic my whole life and survive a 70mph drive off a 200 foot cliff….if you are…”scared”. No, Idiot…I’m not scared, just informed. BTW…FU.
        RJ O’Guillory

        • Soros is or was a Jew. He worked for the Naxis looting Jews’ homes after the families were taken to death camps. Said that was the “happiest time” of his life. Anglicized his name &!came to America, a country he wants to destroy. He has arrest warrants waiting for him in Europe. Why in hell havent we deported this slime bag? He is NWO & a fascist. He funds at least 60+ front groups like BLM &!Antifa, plans the overthrow of America By Any Means Necessary. He is EVIL EVIL EVIL. He also has a shocking number of American politicians (including 6 in House & Senate, Barry, Hitlery) on his payroll! Guess that’s why he’s still here…

    • The main problem with that is that they (remember those snipers would be under government command) would almost certainly abuse such power.
      There’s a peaceful protester with a “Merkel is Hitler” sign? BANG!
      And a group of people who say Putin isn’t the devil and should be worked with? BANG BANG BANG
      And that group that diverges from the government-approved “Death to Trump” signs by daring to also demand “Lock her up”? BANG!
      The protesters we’re seeing there are a mix of good people genuinely protesting G20, and agent provocateurs trying to make sure it goes out of control. Which ones will the government shoot down?

      • None. If EVERYONE carried guns it would stop some of that crap. They are all bought & paid for by Soros, bused in around the country with preprinted signs & “uniforms.”

      • …yes…I am always open to peaceful & necessary protest, especially under a corrupt regime…(which most are)..and in needed cases…I endorse revolution. I hate authoritarianism or totalitarianism….and globalism. I do think my suggestion was extreme, however I did qualify it with the concept of taking out only those who are engaged in violent actions against person or property. It would be unfortunate, but take down one or two of these criminals…and I doubt their paid-for brethren will be willing to engage in more destruction. If so, kill them as well. BTW…I would love to see the entire Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton / Obama – War Crimes & Treason Cabal convicted for treason and legally hanged. Take care…
        RJ O’Guillory

      • …yes…I agree and had thought about my idea a little more in depth. I think sniper teams with documented video equipment that records the criminal behavior, and then a third party to okay the shot would be necessary. The first authorized shot should be non-lethal if possible, wounding the criminal in the leg or arm if possible. If the criminal takes one in the leg, and gets off the ground…the second shot is automatically authorized to take their head clean off. Insure that all protestors know of this policy…including the black-clad-gangs causing all of the destruction.
        RJ O’Guillory

  3. How many of those burning cars and destroyed shops were inside jobs to get the people to agree that “we’re under constant attack, we need more surveillance and heavily armed government troops patrolling every street day and night”?

    • Bingo!!! That is the ULTIMATE goal here as well as abroad. Martial law, Patriot Act (should be repealed), odumbo’s NDAA. We are in 1984 but don’t know it. America as we knew it is gone. Total surveillance & control of every aspect of our lives. Didnt start with Obola or Bush…started decades ago.

      • I see where you’re coming from… It’s interesting how one’s “label” can change even while we remain the same person.
        I was pretty much a “liberal Democrat” (with the exception of being pro-life) during the Bush years. Most of my views today are the same as back then (the only issue on which I’ve really changed my views is gun control – I used to be a gun grabber, still see a couple of points for it, but government has gone out of control so much that I very much think it’s a good thing that people can defend themselves against well-armed government forces should it become necessary), but I won’t have anything to do with today’s Democratic party or today’s “liberals”.
        I still think it’s a good thing that Obomber won 2008 (despite the fact that I can’t stand him — he was up against Adolf McCain, who would likely have been even worse. Chances are we’d be at war with Iran and probably Russia (which may have come to Iran’s defense) if he had won), but Hitlery “we came, we saw, he died” Clinton is absolutely unacceptable, and the rest of the party turned out to be a bunch of sore losers. Trump sure enough has flaws – but “Russia collusion” is not one of them, yet guess what the Demonrats keep making their main issue?
        And while there’s multiple wars going on, they’re taking away more and more of our rights, and looting the people, they make one of their key issues which bathroom transgender people are supposed to use? That’s an issue we can fight about when there’s no big problems to deal with. Now certainly isn’t the time. (And probably someone will call me a transphobic intolerant bigot just for pointing that out.)
        On economic issues, I’ve always thought that a middle way is the best one (certainly get rid of the insane paperwork small businesses need to do – but we need strong controls on giant megacorporations to prevent them from monopolizing the market and shutting out competitors by unfair means).
        I think Switzerland pretty much gets it right on more than just guns – chances are I’d have moved there if Hitlery had won the election (still might, if she or someone like her wins 2020).

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