Charles Barkley Says Politicians Want Black People and White People to Hate Each Other So They Can “Keep Their Grasp of Money and Power”

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Barkley calls out political tribalism and the use of divide and conquer tactics to maintain power. Your political “preference” simply doesn’t change this dynamic, it supports and perpetuates it.

SEPARATION OF OWNERSRSHIP AND CONTROL: Asked by Hugh Hewitt if Delta and Coca Cola benefitted their shareholders in urging MLB move the All Star Game, Chris Christie says flat out “No.”

Corporate governance experts used to warn about the “separation of ownership and control,” in which corporate management took advantage of its position to run companies in its own interest instead of shareholders’. But they were mostly concerned with financial conflicts. This woke posturing is just another example of how management can run the companies in its own interest instead of shareholders’.

Companies should have to get shareholder permission to take political stances.

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