Charlie Kirk Comes Out in Defense of White People

by Chris Black

While it’s a propaganda victory that White advocacy issues are being given mainstream exposure by GOP operatives, it’s best not to forget that the only reason these points are being shared is to convince disaffected Whites to vote for the GOP in hopes that these issues will be addressed.

That won’t happen.

The GOP establishment will use White disaffection to take power and continue doing what they always do: act as a bulwark against these very issues by pimping civic nationalism while cucking for the judeo-liberal establishment on social issues and simping for Israel.

The point here is to run out the demographic clock on White America.

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The GOP isn’t a political party at this point, it’s a hospice.

The GOP is the hospice for White America.

With this said, keep pushing.

The wall is breaking and the more mainstream exposure White advocacy issues get, they will need to be addressed directly.


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