This Bubble IS Different—-And Not In A Good Way!

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When will President Trump give BOJ & ECB credit for accelerating asset prices?


Financial markets at risk from bubble, IMF warns

Chief among Mr Lipton’s warnings was that “the rapid appreciation of asset valuations” during the past year ought to “heighten our concern” about how susceptible to a crash some financial markets might be.

The World Bank raised similar concerns about overly high share price valuations last week – they have now reached levels not seen since the dotcom bubble in 2000 and the Wall Street Crash in 1929.
Other major worries were that rising political tensions might not only lead to greater protectionism in the global economy but also “overt security conflicts”.
The greatest risks to the longer term health of global prosperity however, and “a cloud” hanging over growth prospects, are low wages and sluggish productivity. Richer and less developed nations needed to make significant changes to their economies in order to improve growth and living standards, the IMF chief warned.

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