Charter/Spectrum customers check your bill to see if you have a $5 WiFi fee

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by xeatricex


Yesterday I had my annual ‘cancel’ call with Charter/Spectrum so that I can get a new promotional monthly fee of $45.99 instead of $65.99. The CSR also asked if I used WiFi at home and if I did there was another $5 charge for that service.

I asked her why there is a fee now since I have a router and that is one of its capabilities. I was still using WiFi even without opting in to their WiFi service. The CSR couldn’t answer my question and I asked them to opt me out and if I run into any issues I can give them a call.

This is a sales tactic. If you have a router at home you do not need their WiFi service. They want to upgrade your modem to one with WiFi capabilities and have you pay for that feature when you do not need it. Save yourself $60 a year.



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