CHAZ/CHOP is 100% a Communist-Set-Up! SEATTLE MAYOR Jenny Durkan GAVE ‘RAZ’ Solomon Simone $83,000 DIRECTLY to his CORPORATION!

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This is a direct link and direct funding by the City of Seattle and the Communist Mayor!

Makes you think, because the local and state government is completely on board with this madness.

I do believe it was a trap set for Trump, but he didn’t take the bait.

RAZ’s ‘BLACK UMBRELLA, INC’ has significance:


search for ‘BLACK UMBRELLA, INC’ and advanced search under ‘SOLOMON SIMONE’

Goes WAY deeper than that

Strip clubs, prostitution, money from the COVID bailout funneled to Bill Clinton “foundation”

“My friend believes she has seen Raz on Aurora where numerous underage prostitues are being pimped out. She is concerned he may be their pimp.

She says he “parks north of an oak tree on the east side of 99NB near the strip club, Dancing Bare…”




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