Cher Admits if Trump Wins the Communists Will Have No Power. “We will have nothing. We will have no power.”

Do you think the CCP has blackmail material on the high-ups in the MSM?

It would make sense as to why they’re 100% anti-Trump 24/7.

I doubt the CCP’s BGY strategy is limited to just politicians. I’d bet a bunch of TDS suffering celebs are also being blackmailed into hating Trump.

IT CONTINUES: mainstream media trying to discredit the source of hunter biden bombshells with fake news stories

Pelosi: “China Would Prefer Joe Biden”


This didn’t age well……lol

Lou Dobbs says the Big Tech oligarchs pose a direct threat to our democracy and are working to suppress any dissent of China Joe Biden. Video 6m12s

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News Stating Biden Sold Out CIA Assets in China Who Were Then Executed or Imprisoned

Hunter Biden Sought To Avoid Registering As Foreign Agent In Chinese Business Venture, Text Message Shows

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