Chess Master Donald? Everything you need to know about the demise of the Democrats.

You be the judge.

Over one year ago he tasked all Federal departments to share their data to determine who the illegal aliens were.

Then, just this week he signed an executive order preventing illegals from being counted in the census.

That diminishes the Electoral College weight of states with high numbers of illegals. California is the hardest hit.

He just neutralized Commiefornia.

The Dems are going insane. The courts can’t do shit, but Radical Liberal judges will try. You can’t stop the US government from using their own data to determine who’s in the country illegally.

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Behind the scenes, he’s been planning this for a long time. Getting rid of voter fraud before it happens.

Also, the mask issue. He’s laid a trap for the lefties. They said masks keep you safe so now it’s safe to go to the polls. No mail-in shit required.

They’ll be saying soon oops my bad. Masks are no longer safe. Wait for it. Trump is a master tactician. He never tips his hand in advance. These scumbags in Washington don’t know what hit them. Panic has set in.

More to come.

UPDATE: Link to an excellent breakdown analysis of this.



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