(Speculation) Yahoo News suspends commenting preparing for Nov 2020 elections?

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by bunkermonster

I noticed that Yahoo news has suspended commenting using the term “safe and engaging place” suspiciously a few months before election time and it was a place I enjoyed debating others on.

I suspect we will see more site than previously before have their comments shut down under the guise of altruism. Why would someone with differing opinions create an unsafe and unengaging experience? It wouldn’t. To me this translates as a lame duck excuse to justify providing a one sided narrative.

Yes, the usual rhetoric of blah blah blah they’re a private company and can do what they want but I find it interesting the timing of it all and their rationale since if they were truly concerned about a “safe and engaging” experience they would just let users set their preferences as allowing or disallowing viewing comments instead of mass disallowing them.



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