Chicago gets its earliest snowfall in 30 years as cars crash on slick roadways, homes lose power and residents reschedule Halloween trick-or-treating.

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via dailymail:

  • Several places across the country are preparing for an arctic blast to follow a string of storms in the central U.S.
  • A tornado warning has been issued for 20 million American living in seven states 
  •  A freeze warning as been issued to several states, including Texas, regions in California, the Carolinas and Georgia
  • Places like the Rockies and Great Basin have reached subzero temperatures 
  • Wind gusts above 30mph are battering states like Tennessee and the Carolinas 
  • 65,000 homes and residences in southern states have lost power  
  • Chicago received its earliest snowfall in 30 years on Wednesday, October 30
  • The National Weather Service announced Chicago got 1.2 inches of snow and broke the previous record from October 20, 1989
  •  A winter weather advisory was announced in northeast Illinois on Tuesday
  • The snow has caused roadways to become slick and car crashes have been reported
  • Some Illinois homes lost power because of fallen power lines and broken tree branches
  • Several suburbs and areas affected by the snow are rescheduling Halloween to restricted hours or moving it to Saturday 


In September, NPR’s Chicago affiliate suggested “10 Things Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Can Do To Combat Climate Change.” Perhaps she needs dial her efforts back a bit.

(Classical reference in headline.)


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