Chicago teachers go door to door to sign families up for COVID testing while students are shut out of classrooms.

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Chicago teachers are participating in an illegal strike, according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. With free time on their hands, some teachers are walking door to door signing families up for COVID-19 testing. Apparently, it is safe to expose themselves to random adults but not to do their jobs in classrooms with children. 2022 is starting off as poorly as 2021 ended.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), tweet-bragged on the teachers. Newsweek described it as teachers spreading “education to families by educating parents on COVID-19.” Chicago educators gotta educate, I guess, just not in their classrooms doing their actual jobs. What heroes.

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Newsweek previously reported that teachers throughout Chicago were unable to log into remote-learning systems on Wednesday — an issue that will continue the rest of the week. This lockout came after the Chicago Teachers’ Union voted to revert to remote learning amidst the current COVID-19 surge. Although tensions between the CTU and Chicago authorities continue to rise, the union announced early Thursday morning that they will be visiting neighborhoods to sign families up for COVID-19 testing while unable to access systems.

“Less than half of CPS students are vaccinated, at the same time that city numbers for vaccinations among Black and Brown children remain dismal,” wrote the CTU in the statement. “CPS has refused to release school-by-school vaccine numbers, at the same time that few students are getting weekly COVID tests at hundreds of schools, with parents complaining that CPS is not even testing students who HAVE been signed up.”

Because of this, teachers were poised to meet at Back of the Woods High School before dispersing to nearby neighborhoods. CTU hopes this event will demonstrate the importance of proper COVID-19 testing and protection protocols, something that they accuse Chicago Public Schools of not providing.


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