CHICAGO: Welcome to the Hotel Coronavirus: Checking in is easy. Checking out? Not so much.

When Mayor Lori Lightfoot this week announced the city will pay five hotels about $175 a night for thousands of guest rooms to house COVID-19 patients, the arrangements sounded pretty comfy.

The deal, designed to provide relief for hospitals that may run out of beds, has been heralded as providing “temporary accommodations” a “housing option,” and “a sanctuary for those who need it during this difficult time.”

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COVID guests will get a comfortable hotel room and three meals a day on the city’s dime.

But, CWBChicago has learned, these guests will also encounter some unorthodox amenities. Not the least of which will be the security guards and Chicago police officers who are on-property to ensure that the “guests” don’t “check out” until the city says so.

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And some Chicago cops who may be called on to physically restrain uncooperative hotel guests are raising serious questions about the arrangements.